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Erik Rutins -> The Distant Worlds Saga Continues (12/12/2019 3:41:41 PM)

Hi everyone,

Weve been working on a new Distant Worlds game for more than four years now and we thought it was time to start giving you a peek at the journey we've been on.

Please note that the screenshot included here is not from a final, polished release build so will in places include some unfinished areas and placeholder art. There is much that is still subject to change between our current development build and the release.

This first peek is just a teaser to whet your appetite and to draw your attention to the fact that we are going to start talking more about where we're going over the coming weeks and months.

What you see below shows a view taken from just behind the night side of a Mortalen Rocky Desert Planet, Shaom Hee 6. On the dark side, you can see some lights from the Mortalen colony below. On the light side, you can see a small storm in the atmosphere above the world, as well as a Medium Space Port and a variety of ships coming and going, carrying cargo or colonists, or guarding the area against pirates or other intruders. The snippet of interface in the bottom shows the planetary bodies, ships and stations at this location and is an easy way to navigate what's within your view. Note that this is a cropped screenshot and there is much more that is not shown.

With that said, we think the image itself conveys a good bit of new information and well leave it there for now so that you can discuss.

Most importantly, we do plan to show more and speak about where Distant Worlds is going in more detail in our Home of Wargamers Twitch live stream event on December 19th, around Noon US Eastern time / 5PM UK time, so please tune in then for some more information. I will also be participating in the Twitch chat during the live stream to answer questions.

We appreciate your interest in Distant Worlds and we hope you enjoyed this first brief teaser.


btd64 -> RE: The Distant Worlds Saga Continues (12/12/2019 3:48:55 PM)

Very cool Erik. I see a 3 dimensional look to the base....GP

DailyFix -> RE: The Distant Worlds Saga Continues (12/12/2019 3:53:01 PM)

Oww yea looking so much forward to this. Keep up the good work!

StarLab -> RE: The Distant Worlds Saga Continues (12/12/2019 3:56:30 PM)

Liking it! I can imagine all those ships arriving and departing and doing their business. The planet image is nicely polished which says a lot about what else we can look forward to.

So now, another week of waiting for more details on the livestream! Wheeee! Exciting times! [8D]

Woodstove -> RE: The Distant Worlds Saga Continues (12/12/2019 3:57:57 PM)

We got a Imgage! This has practicly zero content. But I'm so happy!![:D]

swappan -> RE: The Distant Worlds Saga Continues (12/12/2019 4:08:15 PM)

Looks very cool [8D]

Grognerd_INC -> RE: The Distant Worlds Saga Continues (12/12/2019 4:21:23 PM)

Since I don't have a twitch login, this will be recast on YouTube and here I imagine? Any questions I might have will be pretty popular so I think they will be answered. Looks good I see it when it get posted up.

Kingah -> RE: The Distant Worlds Saga Continues (12/12/2019 4:30:09 PM)

The hype is real! 19th of December is firmly locked in the calendar

DevildogFF -> RE: The Distant Worlds Saga Continues (12/12/2019 4:31:04 PM)

Slightly disappointed by the move to 3D, but still very excited nonetheless.

I mean, DW is in my top 4X games of all time and I'm a 4X fanatic, so yeah, super excited.

Can't wait!

Jorgen_CAB -> RE: The Distant Worlds Saga Continues (12/12/2019 4:32:17 PM)

Great news... looking forward to more information to one of my absolutely favourite games. Like the picture too, seems like a logical step to present ships and planets in 3d. I presume game mechanics is not true 3d but a mix between 2d and 3d as many similar games represent stuff. It is definitely going to be some interesting weeks/months ahead of us.

elvendeathknight -> RE: The Distant Worlds Saga Continues (12/12/2019 4:44:05 PM)

From what I can gather, you can select an individual ship from the bottom interface, which is nice. Selectioning a ship in DW was sometimes somewhat difficult. I'm excited for more quality of life improvement like this.

As someone else noted, the planet's graphic looks nice and ships' size seems good in comparison with planet.

LordMM -> RE: The Distant Worlds Saga Continues (12/12/2019 5:01:41 PM)

Very Interesting..

I'm liking the move to 3D, but also the graphics look light enough to work on most computers. Also wondering how much of this is moddable. With some nice planet/ship textures this really could look great. Looks like the space stations, the space ships and the planets are more to scale than compared to Universe. Imagine having dozens of ships flying to and from the space station. Would really add to the simulation.

Wonder if the frigates, escorts, and Battleships are up to scale.

Looking at the interface at the bottom. Looks like the first group of ships, then the section below is the station, then the name of the planet, then what planets/moons are there in the system.

Like the fact that there are lights on the planet, wonder if the number of lights will grow as the population increases. It would be awesome.

darkriot -> RE: The Distant Worlds Saga Continues (12/12/2019 5:24:20 PM)

Its looking great!

DrWolfsherz -> RE: The Distant Worlds Saga Continues (12/12/2019 5:36:44 PM)

I HOPE that the font is not final. It looks the same than in DW:U, and it is too damn small on 2K/4K Screens and maybe even on 1080p for those people older than 40 (like me).

Colwolf77 -> RE: The Distant Worlds Saga Continues (12/12/2019 5:37:09 PM)

The day has finally come! Its happening people [:D]

Grognerd_INC -> RE: The Distant Worlds Saga Continues (12/12/2019 5:45:24 PM)

I'm always disappointed in all SCI-FI games of this genre. I'm a realism fanatic, even when I have to suspend my disbelief over FTL. But, mod able game like this one allow me to play around. This is the best one I've played so far because the AI is reasonably good and most things can be changed.

Space is 3D, so the adding of shipsets could be more difficult (which remains to be seen). With 3D star maps and a good map editor this could be nirvana! I hoping for a lot of mod-ability!!!

Cauldyth -> RE: The Distant Worlds Saga Continues (12/12/2019 5:53:16 PM)

I find it very reassuring that you guys seem to be keeping the same sense of scale and the "bee-hive" living universe that the original had. Lots of cargo and passenger ships coming and going, and not just for cosmetic reasons. They're actually a vital part of the function of your empire.

And that planet does look pretty, and now the station looks like it's in orbit around a planet, not dwarfing it. [:D]

Bleek -> RE: The Distant Worlds Saga Continues (12/12/2019 6:31:22 PM)

The scale is excellent.

4x games get this so wrong, ships the size of planets and space is dead as a result.

So much atmosphere in that one early shot, because of scale!

Medway -> RE: The Distant Worlds Saga Continues (12/12/2019 6:34:40 PM)

Looks great, really nice sense of immersion which will play into one of the strengths I found in DW, the living world feeling. I often prefer 2D art in many cases but I think this will be an improvement. Look forward to the upcoming stream.

Raap -> RE: The Distant Worlds Saga Continues (12/12/2019 6:34:43 PM)

Does this 'planetary orbit view' essentially replace the old system view?

elmo3 -> RE: The Distant Worlds Saga Continues (12/12/2019 6:40:38 PM)

Thanks very much for the info Erik. Looking forward to this with great anticipation.

Webbco -> RE: The Distant Worlds Saga Continues (12/12/2019 6:41:12 PM)

I'd love to hear more about the colony development. Erik made specific reference to the planetary features which for me is pretty exciting. I long for more immersion regarding the players colonies, where you could actually see them grow and develop over time, a la Imperium Galactica 2 back in the day.

BlueTemplar -> RE: The Distant Worlds Saga Continues (12/12/2019 6:42:55 PM)

This is the kind of resolute maneuver that I like ! [sm=happy0005.gif]

Bingeling -> RE: The Distant Worlds Saga Continues (12/12/2019 7:55:09 PM)

I love the teaser. And it leaves so much more to tease!

Kull -> RE: The Distant Worlds Saga Continues (12/12/2019 8:38:47 PM)

A visible atmosphere, complete with storms? Daddy like!

Ranbir -> RE: The Distant Worlds Saga Continues (12/12/2019 8:44:56 PM)

If this gets a better UI, be 3D while still maintaining all the stuff from DWU. I'll die a happy person, but not before playing the game.

Larsenex -> RE: The Distant Worlds Saga Continues (12/12/2019 8:51:42 PM)

WoW. I am impressed. I found this via a reddit post. I have been 'starved' for DW2 info and I am glad its coming in. I look forward to your twitch stream at that time!

Retreat1970 -> RE: The Distant Worlds Saga Continues (12/12/2019 9:35:32 PM)

That's a nice screenshot thank you. It makes more questions than answers though. It's a first post so it's good.

sinbuster -> RE: The Distant Worlds Saga Continues (12/12/2019 10:56:12 PM)

This all looks very promising. Looking forward to seeing the game in action.

Now for some pure speculation: the ships on pirate duty are attached to the star base and no longer require my endless micro-management.

AKicebear -> RE: The Distant Worlds Saga Continues (12/13/2019 1:13:35 AM)

Do the night lights of the planet scale with planet development? Is this dynamic?
Is font adjustable? What about UI in general? Can it be moved around?
Are we seeing 3D models, 2D sprites, or a mix?

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