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Valachian -> [Logged] potential bug - silent service - lone wolf (12/10/2019 9:05:25 PM)

long time lurker on forums but first time poster here, greetings to all.

I found a potential bug in silent service - lone wolf mission.

After I start the scenario I use the special actions to execute Link 16 and the game crash and quit to desktop.

guanotwozero -> RE: potential bug - silent service - lone wolf (12/10/2019 10:19:00 PM)

Yep, I'm getting this too.

Does anyone know if there's a crash log I could post? There's nothing useful in the Logs dir.

Oh, and this should probably relocate to Tech Support.

Valachian -> RE: potential bug - silent service - lone wolf (12/11/2019 8:27:10 AM)

I didn't figure it out I have to post in tech support, I thought here is right place since it is more related with CMO.

Another thing I observed is that the sub does not move to the plotted course and at some point one plotted course appeared automatically; that's why I tried to used link 16, I thought is a scenario design to stay in one place but it might very well be a bug as it doesn't make sense a scenario where I cannot move.

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