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Werewolf13 -> Can't Change Screen Res (12/10/2019 8:27:32 PM)

Can't change Resolution.

1920X1080 shows as res option but clicking on it does nothing. HELP!

zakblood -> RE: Can't Change Screen Res (12/11/2019 6:26:14 AM)

did my guide and tips help, or not seen and read?

game works fine on that res as shown

Werewolf13 -> RE: Can't Change Screen Res (12/11/2019 2:33:35 PM)

Not seen...

Took a look. I'm still on Win 7 Pro. Guide is setup for Win 10.

I'd done everything your guide suggests before seeing it. I run almost everything as ADMIN.

Got PFE to work on 1080P. Seems that after the 1st load where nothing worked and I just force shut it down with task manager, did a cold reboot and started it back up enables everything. I checked the 1920X1080 box and all was well.

I don't like that the game runs in a window and cannot be changed, especially don't like the gap at the bottom of the screen between the window and the bottom. The UI is not to my liking either.

That said: I am intrigued by the game design especially the emphasis on logistics. I am currently going thru the manual. Hope it is comprehensive as this forum doesn't appear to be very active.

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