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Dutch_slith -> Looking for Opponent (Stock Scenario 1) [closed] (12/8/2019 3:09:58 PM)

Thus far, I've played one PBEM (as Japan), which ended after 2 years of playing time in January, 1945.
Now I'm looking for another one.

It will be a leisurely game, due to wife, children, job, social life... 1 turn/day would be the max.


I'm more on the simulation than the gamer side of the spectrum

Game Settings:
Fog of War: On
Adv. Weather Effects: On
Allied Damage Control: On
Player Def. Upgrades: Off
Historical First Turn: On
Dec. 7th Surprise: On
Reliable USN Torpedoes: Off
Realistic R&D: On
No Unit Withdrawals: Off
Reinforcement: fixed
Auto Sub OPS: Off
Set All Factories to Expand at Start: Off
Auto upgrade Ships and Air Groups: Off
Accept Air & Ground Replacements: Off
Turn Cycle: 1

Will play either side.

House rules
Pay full PP cost to move restricted land units across borders (exception Kwantung Army units into Russia).

tigercat -> RE: Looking for Opponent (Stock Scenario 1) (12/10/2019 10:32:10 PM)

I would take the Allies

Dutch_slith -> RE: Looking for Opponent (Stock Scenario 1) (12/11/2019 5:42:14 AM)

Still open and still looking.

Dutch_slith -> RE: Looking for Opponent (Stock Scenario 1) (12/12/2019 9:09:32 AM)

Found an Opponent, thx for all the messages.

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