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Bing -> Alert! PayPal Scam (7/9/2003 8:48:14 PM)

I haven't seen this one announced on the forum, so will make a new thread, if done before .... it doesn't hurt to repeat.

This is a particularly vicious scam, outright crminal and not the least bit funny. If you fall victim to the scam, your credit card will be maxed out and your bank account emptied, within a short time.

You can read the details here: - - - - the Ziff Davis tech letter yesterday also carried an article about this scam. Previously, announced the scam, there are more details at the CNet site, serch on "PayPal Scam", apparently the scam will not go away, the crmkinals have found new ways to steal your money, then move on when their phony website is closed down.

Only a criminal, or someone with cirminal intent, would solicit your credit card and bank account information in this manner. This appears to be similar to a recent scam involving logging on - there is a redirect to a page which is not PayPal, it is the criminal's page. They try to make you thiknk it is PayPal who wants the info - PayPal will already HAVE this info, so there is no reason why it should be repeated. Nor does a legitimate business ever ask for bank account ID and number, unless you are soliciting a home iimprovement loan or some such, which is hardly the point with PayPal.

The Internet is terribly vulnerable to this sort of criminal activity, we need to be extra cautious these days.


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