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pzgndr -> v1.23.03 Beta, Update 12/3/2019 (12/3/2019 10:00:42 PM)

Alright, here we go again with another update. Maple Leaf reports that the playtest version I sent him is working for two pbem games in progress:

Sim Dip is working..all admin functions are working.. the game is even creating a monthly backup for the administrator which is something it hasn’t done in a very long time.
A couple of players have remarked that this patch is good and making the game enjoyable once again.

So good news for a change! [:)] Here is the complete change log so far:

Empires in Arms the Napoleonic Wars - 1.23.03
- Spanish guerrilla attacks causing human pbem players to be swapped with AI - resolved.
- Simultaneous diplomacy freezes (Waiting For MP Turns) with last player (Spain) due to logic errors - resolved.
- Fleets forced to evacuate port not fighting naval blockade battle - resolved.

Empires in Arms the Napoleonic Wars - 1.23.02
- Rebuild code file changes from v1.22.02 through v1.23.01 beta - resolved.
- Supply path not working more than 1 area from depot - resolved.
- View Fleets On Anti-Piracy Missions screen not displaying - resolved.

Empires in Arms the Napoleonic Wars - 1.23.01
- PBEM Admin button not working in 1.23.00 - resolved.
- Unloading unit from fleet not working in 1.23.00 - resolved.
- Placing friendly supply source depots not working in 1.23.00 - resolved.
- Change "Allow Separate Peace" to "Deny Separate Peace" to make separate peace standard unless checked to deny it - resolved.
- Add France and Austria have a royal marriage (peace condition B.5) to setup for 1812 Grand Campaign - resolved.
- Economic Phase not working properly in 1812 Grand Campaign - resolved.

Empires in Arms the Napoleonic Wars - 1.23.00
- 0000100: [UI Enhancement] Better info on Unit Report screen. Show current/max factors – resolved.
- 0000151: [Rules Deviation] Add end-of-game manpower to VP total – resolved, as end-of-game log message.
- 0000245: [UI Enhancement] Sort Unit Report and show depots – closed, leave as is.
- 0000262: [UI Bug] Message wrong when loading fleet – resolved.
- 0000404: [UI Enhancement] Add a horizontal line through the victory point chart – closed.
- 0000425: [UI Enhancement] Game Log Readability – closed, several previous updates have improved game log information.
- 0000511: [Game Enhancement] Allow selection of corps to remove as part condition B1/C1a by name rather than by province – resolved.
- 0000521: [Rules Deviation] Victory Rules not according to original game's intent and make coalitions much harder to maintain – resolved, manpower levels added as end-of-game log messages.
- 0000544: [Game Bug] Loaned Prussian (To Austria) Corps and Leader (Blucher) not usable - closed.
- 0000584: [Rules Deviation] Incorrect interpretation of rule 12.4, failure to leave after the 3-month peace treaty limited access - resolved.
- 0000598: [Game Enhancement] Add column to text report that lists the orders given to each unit and other standing order questions – resolved.
- 0000648: [UI Enhancement] Prisoner information – resolved.
- 0000652: [UI Enhancement] Show current manpower and revenue for other nations when the "show selected nation" button is used – resolved.
- 0000653: [UI Enhancement] Display Prussian saved manpower – resolved.
- 0000695: [Game Bug] Ottoman Corps (Only) cannot be loaned to Great Britain - closed.
- 0000712: [Game Bug] France and Turkey are at Peace but Kushanz Ali is captured by France - closed.
- 0000718: [Game Enhancement] Game should provide warning text box when corps are halted by insurrection corps placement – resolved, also added warnings to set insurrection areas and when insurrection corps ready.
- 0000722: [Game Bug] Feudal units created from non-Turkish countries using the editor have morale of 0 - closed.
- 0000749: [Game Enhancement] Add letter-number codes to list surrender conditions to make it easy to look up – resolved.
- 0000754: [Game Enhancement] VP totals for other powers hard to estimate – resolved.
- 0000765: [Game Enhancement] Naval pursuit arrows are hard to read, use signal flags from Nelson at Trafalgar "engage enemy more closely" instead – resolved, increased font size.
- 0000772: [Game Bug] Naval woes with loaned fleets and corps - resolved.
- 0000800: [UI Enhancement] Second page of buttons in reinforcement phase is not required – closed.
- 0000831: [UI Enhancement] Game Editor Nation Box – closed.
- 0000836: [Game Enhancement] Loaned Unit Behavior – resolved, comprehensive changes made related to loaned corps and fleets (see revised rule 7.6).
- 0000841: [PBEM Bug] Unexplained reclaimed units – closed.
- 0000842: [Game Bug] Fleets leaving blockade box after inconclusive land battle withdrawal – closed.
- 0000843: [Game Bug] Troops teleported home before end of temporary access, even though forced access selected as peace term – closed.
- 0000845: [Rules Deviation] Fleet Maintenance Cost – closed.
- 0000855: [Game Bug] Scenario Editor Later Campaign Issues – resolved.
- 0000856: [Game Bug] Corps being lent by other nations do not show up in Battle – resolved.
- 0000861: [Game Bug] Cossack unit loaned to Austria appears in Austrian army pool after combat loss – closed.
- 0000863: [UI Enhancement] User Preferences, set under Options on the intro screen, seem to attach to the save game files – closed, comments added to PBEM game setup instructions.
- 0000868: [Rules Deviation] Reparations surrender condition should be either single or double payment - resolved.
- Add Bernadotte as Swedish leader - resolved (see new rule 13.8.9).
- Allow loaned units to use home nation depots and allied units to use allied depots, where controlling player pays supply costs - resolved.

With the recent game-stopping bugs resolved (hopefully), players can get back to enjoying the game and checking out all of the various improvements listed above. As before, please have a clean installation of the game with the comprehensive v1.23.00 Beta update, and then copy the v1.23.03 Beta EXE file into the game directory (it is the game executable and not an installer executable).

NOTE: There is an AI combat issue that locks up the game during the AI land combat phase (mostly with the 1812 scenario and larger stack battles) that I am investigating and trying to resolve. There are also a few other AI issues that I want to resolve, like Napoleon not being aggressive at all in the 1812 setup. This will be the focus of the next v1.23.04 Beta as we proceed toward a stable version for an official update comprehensive patch. Thank you for your patience.

roosroos -> RE: v1.23.03 Beta, Update 12/3/2019 (12/4/2019 3:57:17 AM)

I tried an ai game and yes, there are land combat lock-ups. I have two observations about this.

1. It may be when ai is involved in a siege of another ia player.
2. My installation failed slightly once. It gave me no text in the phase box. (no "Prussia Land Combat" for example. The game still worked and i played a few turns and to my surprice there were no lock-ups even though the ai players fought several wars.

SaintEx -> RE: v1.23.03 Beta, Update 12/3/2019 (12/4/2019 7:40:20 AM)

First, my bad on my initial difficulty with 1.23.02, I hadn't realized it wasn't a setup file. It works now.

On the other hand, I find that both .02 and .03 lock up on land combat whenever a flanking attack is chosen (as French against AI). It asks for me to create my flanking force but everything is frozen. Also, I can't find any light fleets anywhere for any of the navies (1805 setup). Lastly, when I tried playing as Great Britain the game locks on "France playing land combat".

pzgndr -> RE: v1.23.03 Beta, Update 12/3/2019 (12/4/2019 11:30:51 AM)

A couple of things.

1. SaintEx - light fleets and transports are unique to the alternate EIH scenarios. The classic EIA scenarios only have heavy fleets.

2. I will investigate AI combats, and there may be something with the sieges and outflanks that is the source of trouble.

FWIW, one of the things I changed along the way was setting the compiler Windows target version to WinXP SP2. Most everyone is well beyond WinXP now, so making the compiled code consistent with how it should be run using compatibility setting to WinXP SP2 *should* be more stable in the long run. Unfortunately this seems to have introduced some issues for things that used to work before but don't now. On the bright side, as I track down and resolve these issues then we really should have a more stable game going forward. As long as Windows allows compatibility for these aging games, while guys like me keep trying to keep them alive...

SaintEx -> RE: v1.23.03 Beta, Update 12/3/2019 (12/4/2019 1:08:33 PM)

How stupid of me, it's been too long, I should have realized the thing about the fleets. I look forward to further updates and once again, THANKS for keeping this excellent game alive. If ever you get bored, you might think about reviving the PC version of AH's old "Third Reich"!

pzgndr -> RE: v1.23.03 Beta, Update 12/3/2019 (12/4/2019 6:46:20 PM)


If ever you get bored, you might think about reviving the PC version of AH's old "Third Reich"!

I did, sort of. See Advanced Third Reich mod

If I could get that old source code I'd be interested in making some bug fixes and AI improvements. When Strategic Command first came out with its 'fuzzy logic' AI, I saw some potential for making a Third Reich adaptation. So I did. Now if only I can finish this project with EIA (3 years now) I might have more time to play my mod and other games.

roosroos -> RE: v1.23.03 Beta, Update 12/3/2019 (12/5/2019 12:55:03 PM)

Another observation!
- AI doesnt retreat towards supply.

one more
- Prisoners box brings up a system error box, but only when there are prisoners

- Hanover doesnt join the confederation of the rein

pzgndr -> RE: v1.23.03 Beta, Update 12/3/2019 (12/7/2019 8:49:37 PM)


ORIGINAL: roosroos
one more
- Prisoners box brings up a system error box, but only when there are prisoners

Could you post a screenshot or state what this error message says?

Update. I think I have found and fixed this.

roosroos -> RE: v1.23.03 Beta, Update 12/3/2019 (12/9/2019 7:51:37 PM)

Another few bugs:
- Placing depots are a bit flaky. Sometimes one cant place them in conquered cities and sometimes you get uncalled for not in a valid line of supply messages.
- Some confederation of the rhein cant enter enemy territory and those who can cannot join in sieges.
- Som light fleets have the wrong colour, at least in the force pool window.
- Guards factors are not always lost by ai even when no other factors are available to loose.

Asberdies -> RE: v1.23.03 Beta, Update 12/3/2019 (12/16/2019 12:21:08 PM)

a few bugs i noticed
I have this message when i open the prisonner menu and i have no prisonner.
the depot placing is rather erratic, sometime i got the message not valid supply line when the supply line is, cannot place depot in mountain (tyrol). also not sure if its a bug but i find the rule not clear about supply source in conquered country. For example is lombardy and milan a supply source for france in 1805? wich mean i can start a depot line in milan (conquered country).
In battle the game hang up and i have to cancel it sometimes, but its not consistent when it happens, mostly when i have to remove losses.Perhaps should put in debug that part of fight.I then redo the battle after loading the saved step and the battle can complete without more crash.

Asberdies -> RE: v1.23.03 Beta, Update 12/3/2019 (12/16/2019 1:59:25 PM)

I found other bugs
during the Turkey or English land side the game hang up
I am besieging 4 or 5 provinces taken easily by prussian since 6 months now and nothing happens. i play the french, i cannot load the file to the forum. Can i send them somewhere?

pzgndr -> RE: v1.23.03 Beta, Update 12/3/2019 (12/16/2019 11:32:50 PM)

“Bugs, Mr. Rico. Zillions of em!” ~ Starship Troopers

Guys, for whatever reason, I am fighting more bugs with this v1.23 beta than I expected. Please play with the last official version v1.22.02 for best results, and playtest with the beta to see what's new.

So far, here's where I'm at with v1.23.04:

Empires in Arms the Napoleonic Wars - 1.23.04
- AI combat not always working and locking up game - resolved.
- Prisoners box brings up a system error box, but only when there are prisoners - resolved.
- Guards factors not always lost by AI even when no other factors are available to lose - resolved.

There are issues with minors not being able to move/attack in some cases. There are some imminent combats (sieges) that are not showing up in land combat. I confirm light fleet for Sweden shows up as British, and Swedish Bernadotte leader does not show availability in 1811. AI VPs in 1812 scenario are not showing correctly. Etc. Some things I thought were working correctly long ago during development of v1.23.00 are not now working correctly and I cannot figure out why. I am frustrated.

One bright spot is that I made some little progress with the AI. I found a couple functions not working as intended and made some improvements. One test case is the first turn of 1812 scenario where Russian AI makes reckless attacks while French AI with massive forces under Napoleon sits on its butt. I now have the Russians not making reckless attacks. Can't seem to motivate Nappy yet. I went back and checked that the AI is still performing OK during the 1805 scenario. I think some of the DOW code for AI planning and executing attacks may be something I can use for the AI land moves for offensive operations. Right now most of the land moves AI is defensive in nature, which works, but the offensive parts aren't working as well or at all. Sooner or later I will find that elusive AI trigger to motivate Nappy and the rest of the gang.

Alright, did I mention I am frustrated? I will continue to press ahead and figure this stuff out one way or another over the coming weeks. Another little bright spot to report is that I have the development version running smoothly again with debug and AI log running, and I am able to run the game within the compiler IDE to gain some additional insights. The development version is different than the release versions you all see. So, it's not like I'm a professional C++ programmer doing this full-time, but I do what I can. We'll get there sooner or later.

pzgndr -> RE: v1.23.03 Beta, Update 12/3/2019 (12/22/2019 1:29:19 AM)

Well now, AI Nappy and the gang appears to be motivated at long last. I am on the right track. Today was a good day. I hope to wrap up v1.23.04 beta tomorrow and get out what I've got so far.

If you notice the bottom line on the log, it shows Great Britain wins battle of Lisbon. Spain surrendered, France got some provinces, and then moved to aggressively attack Lisbon with 4 corps. I've been running these boring playtests all day as Britain to watch/adjust the AI performance, and this attack pleasantly surprised me.


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