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con -> Deliverance is making me squeal like a pig (11/29/2019 11:21:52 PM)

God damn $#(%*@ helicopters

I cant figure out how to get the marines into the LZs during the Deliverance mission

I have made a cargo mission in the mission editor
I have assigned the helicopters and the ground units in the mission editor as per the briefing same helo numbers and platoons mortars etc).
I am playing CMO and have all the latest patches and Chains of War.
Pressing the cargo load/unload button brings up a dialog but no options to load any troops onto the transports.
Same with pressing the cargo button in the mission editor
Watching the videos doesnt answer the questions.
When I fly the helicopters off the ships half the time they immediately RTB
When I micro manage and fly one helo at a time to the LZ it flies around and doesnt land - when I assign it to the mission at the LZ it RTBs
I am at a total loss on how I am meant to get the marines off the ships onto the helos and land them in the LZ
Any help will be gratefully received this is causing me to pull my hair out

con -> RE: Deliverance is making me squeal like a pig (11/30/2019 12:41:00 AM)

Screw it I just plowed ahead into the amphib zone once there a script dropped my amphib marines onto LZ1 took Reykjavik and then marched them to Keflavik airbase and blew up whatever was left over from the pounding of Iowas guns as it sailed by. Triumph but its taken me probably 7+ tries with countless saves.

Darren_H_slith -> RE: Deliverance is making me squeal like a pig (12/9/2019 9:28:53 PM)

You received a "Triumph" for finishing the scenario, and also the title of your post! [:D]

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