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PanzerMike -> RE: Panzer Map Mod (12/13/2019 3:50:13 PM)

That is why I made several variants. Take your pick.

MOS96B2P -> RE: Panzer Map Mod (12/13/2019 7:58:44 PM)

Nice work as always. So many great choices, I'm not sure which ones I like best. [:)]

PanzerMike -> RE: Panzer Map Mod (12/14/2019 9:40:27 AM)

While waiting for the patch, I returned to the map. I want Fortifications to stand out more.

How about this:

Now we see a maginot line and a westwall [:)]

This is still a rough idea that needs refining, but still. What do you think?

Magpius -> RE: Panzer Map Mod (12/14/2019 9:53:41 AM)

Reminds me a lot like

PanzerMike -> RE: Panzer Map Mod (12/14/2019 10:26:27 AM)


PanzerMike -> RE: Panzer Map Mod (12/15/2019 10:40:03 AM)

Or maybe this:


newheart -> RE: Panzer Map Mod (12/15/2019 11:35:36 AM)

Are fortifications destroyed at all in this game Mike? Not playing until the new patch so yet to find out. I prefer the first fortifications map.

PanzerMike -> RE: Panzer Map Mod (12/15/2019 12:41:49 PM)

I think they are removed by event. This is 1944:

Magpius -> RE: Panzer Map Mod (12/17/2019 8:22:53 AM)

The human brain tends to shape patterns into faces...
Them pillboxes look like...
You know this is banter??

PanzerMike -> RE: Panzer Map Mod (12/17/2019 11:23:45 AM)

A sample of what is very soon to come:

MorningDew -> RE: Panzer Map Mod (12/17/2019 12:07:15 PM)

Looks great!

mroyer -> RE: Panzer Map Mod (12/18/2019 1:32:00 AM)

I like those fortifications MUCH better than the earlier "pacman" [:D] version.
Thanks for continuing with this PanzerMike!
-Mark R.

mroyer -> RE: Panzer Map Mod (12/18/2019 2:03:00 AM)

So, PanzerMike, I want the GIMP file back (if you're willing) so I can have your mod with Feldgrau Germans (I want it all!).
-Mark R.

PanzerMike -> RE: Panzer Map Mod (12/18/2019 8:06:21 AM)

Version 3 of both the Map and the Units mod is released. All can be found in the first post of this thread. Let me know what you think and please report goofs on my part!
Even very small mistakes I would like to hear of, because they annoy the heck out of me [:D]

Ow, and the xcf file is up for download too.


TrogusP96 -> RE: Panzer Map Mod (12/18/2019 3:50:10 PM)

Country names?

PanzerMike -> RE: Panzer Map Mod (12/18/2019 4:14:35 PM)



Country names?

I don't understand your question. Please explain.

PanzerMike -> RE: Panzer Map Mod (12/20/2019 11:59:07 AM)

Small update on the Panzer Map Mod is out.

Panzer Map download link Version 3.1:
This download contains just two files and is meant to be used with Panzer Map Mod version 3. Simply unzip the file and copy/paste the two .png files over the existing earlier version 3 files in the campaign folder. Instructions and changelog are in the zip file.

First post of the thread is updated of course.

PanzerMike -> RE: Panzer Map Mod (12/21/2019 10:48:32 AM)

A black armor experiment:


It is hard to get right, due to the limitations of the game. So have to improvise to get Armor black. Waddayathink?

PanzerMike -> RE: Panzer Map Mod (12/22/2019 9:24:20 AM)

Cold weather in the Med:


A different "cold" weather graphic.

PanzerMike -> RE: Panzer Map Mod (12/22/2019 5:34:18 PM)

Version 3.2 of the map mod is out. Check out the first post of the thread.

Version 3.2 contains some new weather graphics for Frozen and cold and minor corrections to the coastline graphics.

Uxbridge -> RE: Panzer Map Mod (12/23/2019 5:14:29 AM)

Looks nice in the sample. I blended it with mine again and put it into game. I will have to wait for winter, however, before seeing it in real action. [:)]

PanzerMike -> RE: Panzer Map Mod (12/23/2019 7:14:46 AM)

Thanks. And any feedback is welcome. It is rare to come by unfortunately.

Rosseau -> RE: Panzer Map Mod (12/23/2019 7:39:13 AM)

Your counter and map saturation mods are a must-have and greatly improve the Warplan experience on the graphics side. Much appreciated.

I very much like the "SS" black experience - for armor and other SS units as appropriate. Would re-download for that!


Regular Mike

PanzerMike -> RE: Panzer Map Mod (12/23/2019 8:09:00 AM)

Thanks Rosseau!

As far as the map is concerned, I think version 3.2 is as far as I can take it. At this point I am just correcting really minor mistakes at the pixel level that you will probably hardly notice. The look and feel is what I intended. Spicier graphics without trying to overdo it.

I am pretty pleased with the weather graphics at this point. It can be really hard to get them right because I am so limited by the game itself. Some weather graphs look really great over a land tile, but not so much over an ocean tile. You can not distinguish between them: they are only one graphic. So many things need to be a compromise therefore.

I also tried scaled down real life graphics on the map (for example for fortifications), but it simply does not cut it. Better to stick with more cartoon like graphics for lack of a better word. It just looks better in the end.

For the units mod I tried so many things. Some love to put graphics on them and I understand why. Those pictures look so cool. But once you cut them down to size on a small counter, the pictures do not look that great anymore. And even then you are even more constrained by the hard coded things on the counters that often interfere with your nice little tank graphic that you so painstakingly crammed upon it. So I decided to stick with NATO symbols. Exception being the planes. And optionally for HQ counters (but I can understand perfectly some players really dislike that solution, though I always use them).

Getting the black armor right is especially frustrating. Still have not found a satisfactory solution. The hard coded stuf is mostly black. Alvaro says he can not provide a white outline for the black numbers. Black on black it is then. And there things start to fall apart. That is why I have not provided black armor counters; I just feel they do not look the part.

That being said, if anybody has an idea that just might work, let me know and I will give it a shot!!

Tejszd -> RE: Panzer Map Mod (12/23/2019 5:49:01 PM)

Based on the comments around modding it sounds like there is no zoom feature for the play area; map, map elements, units icons, etc. with each level having their own enlarged graphics?

If that is the case that would be a good enhancement as it would allow for things to be seen easier on high resolution monitors and provide more detail/pixels for mod makers.

Example; War in the East has 5 levels.

PanzerMike -> RE: Panzer Map Mod (12/24/2019 2:52:18 PM)


I very much like the "SS" black experience - for armor and other SS units as appropriate. Would re-download for that!

How about this:

All comments appreciated. Come on all you lurkers [:D]

Rosseau -> RE: Panzer Map Mod (12/27/2019 5:37:49 AM)

Sorry, been away. The SS units look absolutely great and foreboding at 17-10. Great detail on the unit pics as well.

Thumbs up, I say. But let us know what you decide to release. Thanks

PanzerMike -> RE: Panzer Map Mod (12/27/2019 4:05:23 PM)

I will finish them soon and publish. Busy playing the beta right now. Love this game.

tigercub -> RE: Panzer Map Mod (12/31/2019 2:17:56 PM)

love the mod thanks!

PanzerMike -> RE: Panzer Map Mod (12/31/2019 2:58:56 PM)

Thanks! More to come!

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