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MarkFroio -> Windows 10 (11/28/2019 4:11:08 PM)

I really loved this game 15-20 years ago and would love to play it again. However, I'm wondering if it works in Window 10? I mean you download it, install it and play it. Not changing stuff on your computer just for this game. I can't handle doing that anymore. I'm too old and impatient. [:)]

So does it run in Window 10 without fiddling with your computer or any files or stuff?


athineos -> RE: Windows 10 (11/28/2019 5:51:44 PM)

I just bought it and installed it on my WIN10 Alienware. It plays great!
Just make sure you also install the patch that fixes a few bugs. See the thread below:

MarkFroio -> RE: Windows 10 (11/28/2019 7:05:16 PM)

A patch I can handle.

Thanks for the quick reply. I searched the forum using "Windows 10". I didn't think to look in that "Sale" thread.

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