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Gratch1111 -> So why should I upgrade (11/28/2019 1:14:55 AM)

So I have CMANO, what do I get with CMO?

Tiramisu -> RE: So why should I upgrade (11/28/2019 1:51:17 AM)

Pro buying CMO:
- Much better performance (imho this alone is worth at least 10-20$)
- Future support (that includes missions that might only be compatible with CMO)
- Some new great UI features like switching between waypoints in the unit-tab/in the F2-menu; a new message box with the ability to show messages in categories and as bubble-markers on the map; a more appealing darkstyle; transparent labels for mission areas; the ability to open several DB-pages at once!!!
- Beautiful satellite maps and new map layers that will load relatively fast on a SSD with a high speed internet connection
- Much smoother zoom, no matter if you use your mousewheel for snap-zooming or right-left-click + scroll for continous zooming
- New gameplay elements like G-limits for pilots; proficiency levels that influence things like the targeting time
- A time stopping functionality allowing you to play CMO almost like a turn-based strategy-game
- Probably a discount when the next upgrade for the command series will be available (I assume only CMO-owners will get the discount, while CMANO-owners will have to pay the full price for the next generation and thus loose the money they have saved from not buying CMO :P)
- Buying CMO supports the devs to make the command series even better.

Some newly introduced bugs in CMO, but that should get fixed in the future.

Don't even think about skipping CMO! [:-]

Dimitris -> RE: So why should I upgrade (11/28/2019 5:04:20 AM)

You are getting these:

Tookatee -> RE: So why should I upgrade (11/28/2019 4:49:09 PM)

In addition to CMO having the latest databases with the most up to date stats and choice of units.

OldSarge -> RE: So why should I upgrade (11/28/2019 5:52:09 PM)

There have been a number of improvements that alone make it worth it. It also supports the developers who've provided fabulous support for this product since 2013.

I was recently retiring an old box that had CMANO v1.03 loaded on it. Wow! what a difference from the last major update of CMANO! The latest CMANO is world's apart from the original 2013 release and the developers did it largely for free. I hope that they'll be able to continue that tradition with CMO!

There is also the matter of scenarios. Eventually, community scenarios will only be available for CMO, taking advantages of feature not found in CMANO.

Sure, there are presently some bugs in CMO. The developers have an excellent track record of fixing high priority bugs pretty quickly as evidenced by the number of updates already made to the base release.

StellarRat -> RE: So why should I upgrade (11/29/2019 8:54:38 PM)

That's all very nice, but CMO literally screams for a multiplayer option. When is this coming? Playing teams online is my dream situation for CMO.

thewood1 -> RE: So why should I upgrade (11/29/2019 10:06:45 PM)

Its not screaming very for it if you want it.

1nutworld -> RE: So why should I upgrade (11/30/2019 9:23:38 AM)


ORIGINAL: thewood1

Its not screaming very for it if you want it.

There are many other options I would wish for before I got to Multi-player, so I am glad the "scream" is quite muffled.

I have this fear- and I am sure it's only in my own mind, where CMO multi-player becomes what I imagine "word of tanks" is. I've never played that series but I imagine it's "dudes with tanks going GTA 5" with blissful ignorance of tactics and limitations.

Tookatee -> RE: So why should I upgrade (12/2/2019 4:28:15 AM)

Thankfully, based on the very nature of how the game is designed there is gonna be no way that such an playstyle would ever be able to function in anything but a scenario tailor built for such a thing. Not to mention that the very people with that kinda mindset probably aren't going to be very attracted to the literal tactics simulator that is CMO in the first place.

It really does have the potential to be a very entertaining multiplayer game depending on what type of scenario you choose to run. I myself would love to face off against somebody in one of the bigger and more detailed cold war scenarios against (or as) the Warsaw Pact.

LargeDiameterBomb -> RE: So why should I upgrade (12/3/2019 3:14:26 PM)

CMO is simply better in all aspects (When they iron out some of the bugs that's still there) than CMANO.

The features that I like the most are the more refined maps, the different terrain types that affect how far away a unit in a specific type of terrain can be detected and terrain types also have large effects on how lethal weapons are, more realistic detection/classification/identification ranges for electro-optics, more realistic submarine communications, more realistic dogfighting and a much larger database with many more ground units.

You also get a game that will be continually updated and refined with further features - if you look at the most wanted features you get a picture of what to expect - for years to come.
In the opposite corner all further updates for CMANO are to be be dropped, if I understand things correctly.

You also get to support the developers so they can continue making the greatest wargame sim even greater.

magi -> RE: So why should I upgrade (12/4/2019 9:44:44 PM)

because i say so.....

Enigma6584 -> RE: So why should I upgrade (12/5/2019 3:14:24 PM)

Multiplayer is over-rated.

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