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Panzerldr -> [Fixed] Sprint and Drift Bug (11/22/2019 7:07:41 PM)

Hello All,
I was running Submarine Tutorial 2.2 and set up my Throttle and Altitude Assignments (see link to image download). Not once did the Submarine Execute a Spring Maneuver. I also noticed that the Throttle Setting in the Unit Window isn't always there, but if you cycle between the waypoint setting and Unit setting using the arrow's it returns. I am running build version 1115.8

Sprint & Drift


guanotwozero -> RE: Sprint and Drift Bug (11/27/2019 8:30:00 PM)

I'm also finding no sprint in 1115.8.1 - just continuous drift.

I made sure to set S&D for the waypoint too, in case that's a factor, but no change. The current speed displays correctly in the unit window at right.

Here's a save from partway through Sub Tutorial 2.2

Rory Noonan -> RE: Sprint and Drift Bug (11/28/2019 3:04:25 AM)

Logged for investigation. Thank you for the detailed report, screenshot and save file.

Raptorx7_slith -> RE: Sprint and Drift Bug (11/29/2019 1:39:14 AM)

Noticing this with surface ships as well. They drift for waaaaaay longer than they sprint, if they sprint at all.

SteveMcClaire -> RE: [Logged] Sprint and Drift Bug (8/22/2020 6:44:04 PM)

Fixed for next update. There was a situation where the initial 'drift' leg would never complete if the sim was running at a speed lower than the highest setting. Also added a the remaining sprint/drift distance to the right panel so the player can see how much more the sub has to go on each leg.

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