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Kull -> DMP (Design Mod Project) Mod for WitP-AE (11/21/2019 3:20:34 PM)

DMP Mod for WitP-AE

The Design Mod Project group is a team of German modders who've created german-language mods for a large number of games. And in this case not just a language conversion, but a complete re-do of almost all the standard WitP-AE art. While some of their choices seem a bit odd (the "brown water" being the most obvious - see #1 on the attachment), there is still a "period charm" to much of the interface (#2) that would be a welcome addition to other mods.

The mod comes packed in an executable, and consequently is a TOTAL CONVERSION, meaning that it will overwrite your existing WitP-AE install. Accordingly, I highly recommend that you make a copy of your WitP-AE game folder and install DMP on top of the copy. Or, if you just want to peruse the new art outside the context of the game (several examples make up the rest of the attachment), install the whole thing into an empty folder.

I stumbled upon this while researching ship art, as it's not in the Scenarios Available for WitP AE list, and rarely comes up in conversation. Still, these guys did a HUGE amount of work, and their mod deserves to be highlighted here on the world's primary WitP-AE forum.


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