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Ginetto -> [Q] What happens to CMANO? (11/20/2019 8:25:11 AM)

I know it's written somewhere in the Matrix Games site, but I can't find it anymore. Question, once you've downloaded and installed CMO, together with all the CMANO add-ons such as Chains of War and Silent Service, can CMANO be uninstalled without affecting CMO, or must it remain there? Installing CMO used up a lot of space, so I need to free up some Gigas.
Very neat game, in any case. Well done guys.

Dimitris -> RE: What happens to CMANO? (11/20/2019 8:27:21 AM)

Thank you!

It is safe to remove CMANO both before and after you install CMO. Installing CMO while CMANO is still installed has the added convenience that all existing DLC licenses are recognized and ported over.

Ginetto -> RE: What happens to CMANO? (11/20/2019 8:30:32 AM)

Got it. Thsnks.

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