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KC45 -> Green Tide scenario (11/19/2019 9:48:04 PM)

It seems like there is a problem in Green Tide scenario in Standalone scenario.
I can deploy RHIBs, but RHIBs didn't deploy SOFs in oil rigs. I know how it works in CMANO, so I'm sure it is a bug.
Does anyone have this problem?

Kushan04 -> RE: Green Tide scenario (11/19/2019 10:43:48 PM)

Have you checked to see if there is a special action that will deploy the SOF? I've noticed a few of the rebuilt old scenarios now have special actions for picking up down pilots, deploying stuff, etc.

KC45 -> RE: Green Tide scenario (11/20/2019 3:00:29 AM)

there are Special actions for deploy RHIB, not SOFs. and that is problem.
Plus, there are some event for "Unit Enter the Area", so I think that it is not activated by special actions.

Rory Noonan -> RE: Green Tide scenario (11/20/2019 4:27:38 AM)

Yeah it should happen automatically once a RHIB gets close enough to an oil platform [&:]

Can you post a save?

KC45 -> RE: Green Tide scenario (11/20/2019 1:18:43 PM)

Here it is.

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