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Eboreg -> Breaking Belbek, 1997 (11/18/2019 8:24:21 PM)

I'll say it up front, I'm not happy with this scenario.

Okay, now that that's out of the way, the basis is the Russia and Ukraine are at each other's throats in the wake of the Cold War and it's up to the player to command the Russians to clear out all air defenses on the peninsula of Belbek. Well... I say "all"... the Ukrainians are too chickens*** to turn on any of their radars, even some of their ground-based search radars so you're really not going to get all of them. There's also the lack of clear victory conditions which is a major turn-off for me and while there is some difficulty, the difficult parts are more frustrating than challenging especially with the Ukrainians effectively blinding themselves to not be seen. And, oh yeah, the Ukrainians really need to be a bit more trigger-happy what with having absolutely no IFF capabilities and the complete lack of neutral anything in the scenario.

All in all, this scenario seems way too simplistic and rough around the edges for an officially backed one.

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