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AlexinCT -> Updating my scenarios to CMO (11/18/2019 3:20:03 PM)

Been trying to upgrade the DB version of various scenarios I created and when the upgrade is completed, the scenarios seem to lose any aircraft staged to bases/carriers. Attached one of the scenarios here that does that.

Rory Noonan -> RE: Updating my scenarios to CMO (11/19/2019 6:35:58 AM)

Hey AlexinCT,

How are you going about the upgrade?

I used the 'Editor > SBR > Generate Template' command to make an .ini file, then used the 'Editor > Database > Upgrade scenario to latest DB version' command and applied the generated .ini file. It seems like the scenario was upgraded to 480 without issue, apart from some F-35 loadouts being obsolete--even then they're still present, just with a notification to let the scenario author know about it.

Attached is the generated .ini and updated .scen file.

patpatpowercat -> RE: Updating my scenarios to CMO (11/19/2019 2:03:26 PM)

Disregard, got it figured out

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