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Ekaton -> CMO Community Scenario Pack (11/18/2019 12:31:14 PM)

I can't find the community scenario pack on CMO Steam Workshop, where can I get it?

kevinkins -> RE: CMO Community Scenario Pack (11/18/2019 3:32:18 PM)

Think you can get it here:

michaelm75au -> RE: CMO Community Scenario Pack (11/19/2019 6:57:30 AM)

The ability to support the 'package' as created for CMANO is not currently supported under CMO. It requires each scenario to be individually added to Steam Workshop.
I would suggest going back to old ZIP method (from the link mentioned above) to pull down the latest CP version.

Ekaton -> RE: CMO Community Scenario Pack (11/19/2019 12:53:29 PM)

January 5, 2019 version - wasn't the latest Steam version more recent than that?

Ancalagon451 -> RE: CMO Community Scenario Pack (11/19/2019 3:59:28 PM)

No; the pack was manually updated by an old forumer that has all but dissapeared.

The January one is the most recent update, and the recent deluge of individually uploaded Community scenarios are nothing but the ones contained in that version (a bad move if you ask me, since plenty of them, along with the complete pack, are already in the Workshop).

There are some newer scenarios, submmited for the pack but still not in most recent version (and perhaps never will be). You can found them in the submission thread here. Just look for anything submitted at a later date.


magi -> RE: CMO Community Scenario Pack (11/19/2019 5:22:57 PM)

Once downloading the community scenario pack into CMO.... does each scenario have to be updated before playing…?

Kushan04 -> RE: CMO Community Scenario Pack (11/19/2019 6:41:54 PM)

Since Meroka has disappeared I've volunteered to take over curating the community scenario pack. Baloogan has already uploaded all of the scenarios in the current pack to Steam. These are just the scenario's as they currently are available from the Warefarsims website. I'll be uploading scenario's released in 2019 to Steam tonight. When the post release rush has died down we'll look at if there's a way to transfer the scenarios Baloogan uploaded to me so I can update them going forward. I'll be making a post tomorrow morning PST that will have a link to the latest CSP download. The usual developer blog will follow at some point in the future.

I've also gone ahead and created a Steam collection that I will be updating going forward. That can be found here: Community Scenario Pack Steam Collection

I've already started writing an SBR file to update all of the CSP scenarios to the latest CMO database. That will be part of the next release.

@Magi - Most of the scenarios can be played right now with no updating required. However there's been a few scenarios that got missed during a database update. Dimitris has posted some of the older databases for download. See below for the link.


ORIGINAL: Dimitris

Uploaded a bunch of the older DB files here:

To use them, simply unzip the file to your [CMO]\DB folder.

If you find any scenario that is not covered by those, please let us know and we'll investigate it separately.


Ancalagon451 -> RE: CMO Community Scenario Pack (11/19/2019 8:12:17 PM)

Will there still be complete pack releases in

Sometimes I find just easier pick them that way, and I suppose thar even in the CMO era there still will be non-steam users.


Kushan04 -> RE: CMO Community Scenario Pack (11/19/2019 9:40:48 PM)

Yes there will be. The link I have will be the same one that will get posted to their site with the usual blog post. I'm just moving a little ahead of them since their dealing with the usual post release rush.

HalfLifeExpert -> RE: CMO Community Scenario Pack (11/19/2019 11:26:50 PM)

Thanks Kushan. Good to know that the CSP will live on!

Ancalagon451 -> RE: CMO Community Scenario Pack (11/20/2019 12:01:39 AM)

Indeed, I'm of the oppinion that CMANO wouldn't have been so succesful without it. So thank you for picking the torch.


Mgellis -> RE: CMO Community Scenario Pack (11/20/2019 12:04:50 AM)

Thanks to Kushan04 for taking over.

Does anyone know what happened to Meroka? Is he okay?

By the way, people may notice a few oddities in some of the scenarios. I tried playing an old one of mine, "Andromeda at the Ready," and the merchant she was guarding had a weird mirror unit; it looked like there were two merchants with the same name sailing next to each other. But if you delete one, both disappear. So I don't know if there is anything I can do at my end (i.e., scenario editor).

Anyway, I figure we'll just have to be on the lookout for little oddities like that and be ready to let both the scenario author and the CMO team know about them so they can get fixed. I'm not especially worried; I'm sure they'll all get fixed eventually; it's probably just some tiny glitch in the code that has to be tracked down; I just wanted people to know about it.

Kushan04 -> RE: CMO Community Scenario Pack (11/20/2019 3:44:00 AM)



Thanks to Kushan04 for taking over.

Does anyone know what happened to Meroka? Is he okay?

From what I've heard he just kind of disappeared around mid-year. Hope he's just busy.

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