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morphin -> Sorting of scenarios very slow (11/18/2019 7:27:27 AM)

I remarked that not only the starting now last 18 Seconds (doulbe of time from CMANO), but also the sorting of scenarios i'm waiting very long time to finish

(I have downloaded STEAM scenarios on on folder, 286 scenarios with lot of big ones) and it has about one minute to sort...
the community scenario pack has 839 scenarios ands sorts in about 10 seconds, but it has not so many very big scenarios

Please make loading faster with using asyncron and parallelity technics



If somebody would like to test Here are all Steam Scenarios that are for CMO:!Ajuud9a7JSHPhI5fQH9IHHqWq-PlaA?e=dMNRhA

morphin -> RE: Sorting of scenarios very slow (11/18/2019 9:14:17 AM)

CMANO scen View Programm loads all the scenarios that i have in 6 seconds!! (1141 Scenarios). So it can be done in a few seconds

Dimitris -> RE: Sorting of scenarios very slow (12/15/2019 2:27:10 PM)

Logged, thanks. We'll see what we can do.

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