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stolowski -> [FIXED B1115.7] Air Intercept: RTB after takeoff (11/17/2019 12:50:27 PM)

Iím not sure if Iím doing something wrong, but it happened a couple of times: I detect enemy aricraft, so create a new air intercept mission and add enemy planes to it. Then close mission planner, open air ops window for my carrier, select an aircraft with suitable weapons, assign it to the mission. Shortly after takeoff though the aircraft decides to RTB. If Iím lucky to notice this, I quickly unassign the unit and immediately assign it back to the intercept mission. After that my aircraft correctly executes the air intercept mission.

I donít remember this happening with CMANO, but as I said, maybe Im missing something?

mavfin -> RE: Air Intercept: RTB after takeoff (11/17/2019 3:22:11 PM)

I'm seeing this as well.

Also, if you get some bogies, and your planes take off to intercept, as soon as the *hostile* bogies are gone, they'll immediately RTB, even if there are unidentified (yellow) bogies to investigate/identify.

I *think* what you're seeing is it launching planes, then realizing there's more interceptors launched than the game 'thinks' it needs for the number of bogies to intercept...instead of leaving them hanging around, they immediately RTB.

Decision loop somewhere.

DWReese -> RE: Air Intercept: RTB after takeoff (11/17/2019 3:34:23 PM)

I am seeing this as well.

I'm sending out a strike aircraft which is within the normal distance. Upon take off, the STATUS of the aircraft immediately is shown as RTB (Mission Over) yet it has barely left the base. Although the flight path is displayed, it continues on toward the target, yet NEVER rises above 3000 feet. After 8 minutes, it turns around and returns to the base as it has reached BINGO fuel.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can MANUALLY go into UNIT mode and change it to 36,000 feet, but that change can not be made through the Flight. But, even though you change the altitude, the Mission is still listed as being over.

What's odd is that another strike package, with similar aircraft/weapons/target works fine.

mavfin -> RE: Air Intercept: RTB after takeoff (11/17/2019 3:42:55 PM)

I had another time where pairs of planes on strike missions were launched *in the air*, and then the game said it couldn't launch them...but they were already in the air, just circling the base...

I only saw that on one run of a scenario, though.

Raptorx7_slith -> RE: Air Intercept: RTB after takeoff (11/17/2019 4:22:32 PM)

This is being looked into, thanks guys.

Dimitris -> RE: Air Intercept: RTB after takeoff (11/21/2019 5:52:44 AM)

I think this was fixed in B1115.7 ...?

stolowski -> RE: Air Intercept: RTB after takeoff (11/21/2019 6:10:39 AM)

Yes, thank you! Updated.

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