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Eboreg -> Achievement Unlocked: Career Diplomat (11/16/2019 9:53:46 PM)

The New "Act of War" Scenario, a small, simple, but very harrowing scenario where I went in to rescue the USS Pueblo but somehow accidentally created a political nightmare. You see, there were Soviet ships in the area and an Intelligence Gathering Ship was parked over a North Korean Whiskey-class submarine. One of my S-2 Trackers launched a torpedo at the Whiskey whereupon the Soviet ship assumed that the Tracker and his buddy were firing on him and shot them both down. Then, fearing further attacks from the Soviets I proceeded to wipe out all of their units in the area and thus ended any chance I had of ever advancing further in my naval career.

So yeah... why don't you guys share all the times you accidentally started a war with the Soviet Union.

HalfLifeExpert -> RE: Achievement Unlocked: Career Diplomat (11/17/2019 10:07:25 PM)

There was one instance where I thought I accidentally attacked a Soviet submarine. It was the Shifting Sands scenario 'Rockstar Calling'. I got a submarine contact close to my ships, and dispatched a helicopter to investigate. I mistakenly marked the submarine hostile, and before I could change that to 'unfriendly' one of my destroyers fired an ASROC. The sub was sunk.

It turned out to be an Israeli sub (hostile in this scenario), but I had a real scare there.

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