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mitra76 -> Mod Les Cent Jours v.1.1 - released (11/16/2019 3:30:44 PM)

Thanks to Crikey for all his suggestions and work on the map and to Pom for his buildings

version 1.1 include

- Improvements of original Souffel Map
- Added version with bridges intact of map
- New battle scenario
- A tutorial scenario
- New sprites: Austrian Grenzer, Austrian Dragoons, Marins de la Garde
- Additional units in the master oob of Cent Jours
- First Chapters of Handbook of the game
- Software for Multiplayer Carryover Scenarios

version 1.0 include

Battle map of Le Souffel Battle (28 June 1815)
New units for Hessian, Austrian and Wurttemberg armies of 1815
Souffel battle oob (French Armee du Rhin against III Corps of Armee vom OberRhein
5 battle scenarios
Sandbox oob mixing original standard campaign OOB with the Souffel battle units.
New formation: BattalionMasse

mod team: Gunship24, Biondo, Mitra

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