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Eboreg -> A Hunting We Will Go, 1963 (11/16/2019 2:40:24 PM)

This scenario starts as a simple ASW Hunter-Killer operation but soon turns into a multi-faceted CF when Soviet surface and air forces get involved. Adding to the problem is that NATO is stuck with WWII vintage anti-shipping ordnance like rockets and dumb bombs and the Soviets have guided anti-shipping missiles. At least... it would be a problem if the Soviet kill chain wasn't complete trash. Both my UK and US Task Forces came under attack by Badger bombers armed with AS-1 Kennel missiles but the Kennel has a minimum range of 10 nm and the Badgers just didn't have the equipment to positively ID my shipping. Instead they overflew my Task Forces to positively ID them taking SAM fire in the process then circle around to get a shot never thinking to open the distance. [:D] As a side note, the Sea Vixen can die in a fire. [:@] In the end, they never got a shot off and only one managed to fly back to base albeit somewhat damaged. As for the surface forces, they didn't have any SAMs so low-level attacks with 1000-lb bombs and rockets were enough to finish the job.

However, there is one serious problem with this scenario that is the main reason I posted this, the scoring system is seriously messed up. I looked over the scoring events and found that many aren't configured correctly, i.e. the events for sinking the Hotel-class SSBNs go off when you sink a Zulu-class SSK and that's just the tip of the iceberg. I do intend to do Youtube walkthroughs of all of the new Standalone Scenarios but not if they're in an unfinished state like this. I would like to respectfully request that the devs fix this issue and as I go through the rest of the new scenarios, I will be bringing up any issues I find in the future.

Patmanaut -> RE: A Hunting We Will Go, 1963 (11/16/2019 4:22:56 PM)


Im trying to find this scenario, but to no avail.
Please, could you share de link?

Edited; Just found it. Didnt know it was included as a single play scenario in the new CMO.
If its made by Paul Bridge it shoud be good.
Ill read your AAR after my play.

Thank you!

stilesw -> RE: A Hunting We Will Go, 1963 (11/16/2019 4:47:52 PM)


Im trying to find this scenario, but to no avail.


Here you go. This version will open & run using the new CMO but I could not get it to work using CMANO. Kept getting a "Root Element is Missing" error message for some reason even though all the DB files back to 2012/13 are installed for both versions.


Patmanaut -> RE: A Hunting We Will Go, 1963 (11/16/2019 5:12:33 PM)

Thank you Stilesw.
In my confusion I believed it was an old CMANO scenario.
I got the CMO combo yesterday through Steam.
As an early betatester of the old CMANO back in 2012 its my pleasure to keep supporting the dev team.
I still have my original V1.0 CD Box version.
Regarding CMO Ive just played Goblin in the doorstep yesterday and noticed it was more smooth and fluid.
Im confident the devteam will iron out any wrinkles that will show up.


stilesw -> RE: A Hunting We Will Go, 1963 (11/16/2019 6:02:30 PM)


In my confusion I believed it was an old CMANO scenario.


Indeed, it was originally in CMANO as a "Standalone Scenario" from about 20Sep18. When I located it, as mentioned above, it would not load in CMANO but kept throwing the "Root Element is Missing" error message. It did open when I first got it last year. So, I tried loading it with CMO and it worked fine. I saved a new, updated copy from CMO but that would not work with the older CMANO either. Don't know why since both my copies of CMANO and CMO are using the same CWDB and DB3K files - go figure!

Anyway, glad I could help you with it.


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