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dontpKaniC -> A few bugs I've noticed so far playing CMO (11/16/2019 7:21:40 AM)

First of all some problems with the database viewer:

-When I click on a link for a platform from the unit panel and the database viewer opens, the part in the top of the viewer that shows the list of all platforms, defaults to the very top of the list and not to the platform I've clicked on. Makes it tedious to look for similar platforms in the list, because you always have to start from the top.

-When the game is unpaused and I click on a weapon link for the database viewer in the unit panel on the right, the database viewer doesn't open. Only a double click will open the viewer. When the game is paused, it opens with a single click.

-Also, when in group view with a group selected, if I click on a link in the group composition list, it doesn't open the platform entry in the database viewer, but instead goes into unit view and selects the unit.

Now a problem I've noticed with AAW Patrol missions:

-Units assigned to AAW Patrol missions don't engage hostiles on their own. Only if I turn the mission status to Inactive and then back to Active in the mission editor, they start engaging hostiles. After they've returned to patrolling, even if more hostiles appear, they won't engage them unless I inactivate and then activate the mission again.

And a few other things I've noticed:

-When ground groups are selected (for example an airport made out of multiple buildings) the individual units (buildings) don't become visible. Only going into unit view shows the individual buildings on the map. Not sure if a bug.

-Sometimes when opening the Throttle - Altitude/Depth menu, the Altitude/Depth part of the menu is blank except for the altitude slider, the altitude presets and everything else is missing. Not sure why this happens.

-Sometimes when I click somewhere on the map, a white rectangle frame appears on screen, similar to a selection box drawn with the mouse.

Dimitris -> RE: A few bugs I've noticed so far playing CMO (11/16/2019 9:20:52 AM)

Ah, you cross-posted here from Steam!

Please see my reply on your original post on Steam.

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