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stolowski -> [Logged] Two small glitches (11/15/2019 9:12:27 PM)

I've noticed two minor glitches in CMO:

1) Clicking on the map (not neccessarily on a unit, can be a random click) sometimes creates a white rectangle on the screen (as if I dragged my mouse to create an area). The rectangle usually has an origin in the upper-left corner, with the opposite vertex in the spot where I clicked. This is very seldom, but relatively easy to reproduce by clicking a lot in random places. I couldn't find a clear pattern for reproducing. See the screenshot.

2) The Game Settings dialog - Hover Info tab is not updated for the new "dark" theme (is all white).


Dimitris -> RE: Two small glitches (12/1/2019 1:48:16 PM)

1) We're still looking into that.

2) This should be fixed in the next public release.

Nerconiglio -> RE: Two small glitches (12/1/2019 4:14:39 PM)

As for point 1), I have the same issue after some clicks for unit selection (don't know, maybe after 8-9 times).

MrClock -> RE: Two small glitches (12/1/2019 5:14:04 PM)


Trainzak -> RE: Two small glitches (1/21/2020 6:18:46 PM)

This issue still persists in Build 1121.5
Although it's not affecting gameplay, it is very annoying...
Are you still struggling to find a root cause or is this only low on your priority list?

michaelm75au -> RE: Two small glitches (1/22/2020 1:46:56 AM)

1) is not simple as there is no repeatable sequence that creates it - it >appears< to be doing a mouse drag from point 0,0 to where the mouse was clicked. But that is only a guess.

Zanthra -> RE: Two small glitches (1/22/2020 9:27:05 AM)

Make sure that your mouse is fully stopped before releasing to select something if you want to avoid the first one. It seems there is a small moment of time after releasing the mouse button and before the selection is registered where if the mouse is moved and the timing is just right (or wrong), the selection is processed and then a mouse movement processed as if you were still selecting. Holding the mouse still for a fraction of a second after releasing the mouse button is sufficient to avoid it happening.

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