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ivanov -> Strategic Command WWI Beta Multiplayer AAR (11/13/2019 4:16:56 PM)


Welcome to the Strategic Command World War I AAR. I will be playing as the Central Powers. My opponent Dan, will take charge of the Entente forces. We are both beta testers of the game, which is nearing it's release date. So far, it's coming along pretty nicely and I have to say, that I'm enjoying it immensely. I hope that you will enjoy our AAR too!

Central Powers strategy.

I'm convinced that during the actual war, the Central Powers did pretty well and it would be very difficult for me to top their achievements in the game. The Central Powers ( Germany in fact ), managed to knock out Russia, withheld the offensives of materially superior France and Great Britain on the Western Front, bleed them white in the process and in the Spring of 1918, staged the most successful series of offensives of the war. Of course they also become exhausted by that time. The Western allies could count on the influx of the fresh American blood, while the expected gains of Treaty of Brest-Litovsk, in reality become just another burden for Germany and Austro Hungary. The subsequent reinvigoration of the Entente's armies and speed with which the Second Reich collapsed, were maybe inevitable, but also surprising to a degree. The World War I dynamics and the balance of power, were very different form the World War II. Which makes the Great War an utterly fascinating study subject. I think that one of best ways to learn about a particular conflict is to wargame it, so let us begin!

I don't think, that it would be possible to knock out France quickly and the so called Schliffen Plan, is pretty unfeasible in my opinion. Due to that, most of the German units from the initial deployment phase will go to the East.


The Germans don't have any HQ there, so Von Bulow will go to the East Prussia. The two infantry and one cavalry corps will also reinforce Eastern Front. The Russian steam roller is very dangerous and the margin for error in that theater is pretty slight. Surprisingly, the only unit that I'm going to deploy in the West, is the second cavalry corps. Even though there's less space for the maneuver in the West, I will need that unit for scouting and breakthrough exploitation. As to the artillery unit, which is a very valuable asset, before moving it somewhere, I'll need to reinforce it first.

Despite the fact, that most of the aforementioned forces won't be deployed to the West, I'm going to go on the offensive there. I'm expecting to conquer some territory, before going on the strategic defensive. I'm going to invade Belgium. Lengthening of the front, will at least a the beginning, be very dangerous to the numerically inferior French. Germany also needs the Belgian economic resources. The violation of Belgian neutrality will immediately bring British Empire to war against Central Powers. But the British entry would occur sooner or later anyway.

What is causing me most headache at this moment, is the position of Austro-Hungary. They need to attack Serbia, but the Serbs are a tough bunch. At the same time, the Russian forces attacking in Galicia and Poland, are going to have a numerical superiority over the armies of Dual Monarchy facing them there. Will the Habsburg troops require German assistance from the outset? A lot of course is going to depend on my opponent. This is the first time I play against Dan, so I completely don't know what his command style is. Is he aggressive or deliberate? Is he methodical or unpredictable? Well, the time will show. There will be some aggressive, offensive Central Powers action during the opening rounds. But I'm acutely aware, that the real face of this war will be attrition. That will require a careful planning on my part. I'll need to husband the resources and invest rationally in the technological development. But all of that is ahead of me, in some not so distan future. For now, let's invade France, Belgium and Serbia. FŁr Gott, Kaiser, und Vaterland!

ivanov -> RE: Strategic Command WWI Beta Multiplayer AAR (11/13/2019 4:23:03 PM)

Turn 1.

1st August 1914.The Guns of August.

The first shots are fired on the Serbian front. Austro-Hungarian units under a mediocre leadership of gen. Oskar Potiorek, attacked Serbian detachment in Valiejo. Surprisingly that attack succeeded and the Serbian unit gets destroyed in the process. The town is now in the hands of AH troops. This is maybe a moderate success, but with Potiorek's command rating 3, I can hardly expect more for the time being.


I am presented with the first important decision:


This is an excruciating choice. Serbia has to be dealt with, because Central Powers can't afford turning in into a bridgehead for a potential Entente's invasion form the South. At the same time, there's more immediate danger of Russian invasion into Galicja... Well, I've decided to take the risk. The 2nd Armee goes to the Balkan front. This is maybe not an optimal decision, but hopefully it will make the game more interesting!

Meanwhile in Galicja the kaiserlich und kŲnigliche Armee ( k.u.k. ) units prepare for the expected onslaught of the Russian steam roller. I'm probably committing a mistake here. I should probably withdraw my forces towards the Carpathian Mountains, which would provide my numerically inferior forces with a good defensive position. But giving up without a fight those oilfields would be politically and economically unacceptable. In any case, it will be probably in Galicia, where the Central Powers will get their butts kicked for the first time.


The main events are unfolding in the West. The 1st Armee under the able command of gen. Alexander von Kluck, enters Belgian territory. The insolent Belgians have placed their country on the path of German troops, so we have no other choice, than to punish them for this provocation! Our brave men capture the fortress of Liege and storm the Belgian capital which for the moment, remains in hands of the defenders.


Remaining German armies on the border with France are also advancing westwards. But breaking the frontier defences is unlikely, due to the presence of fortresses like Verdun and Epinal, on which the French can hinge their defences. My intent is to engage French units in that area and prevent their movement to the North. A French corps near Epinal is destroyed.


Not much naval action is taking place right now. I have no intention to face the superior Anglo-French forces in an open battle. Right now, Austro-Hungarian navy is placing mines in the Adriatic Sea to prevent the possible shipping between Serbia and the outside world.


Mines are a new feature in the game. They seem to be extremely useful in the role of an anti access, area denial weapon.

Mithrilotter -> RE: Strategic Command WWI Beta Multiplayer AAR (11/13/2019 11:31:21 PM)

Hi, Iím Mithrilotter. I have play tested most of the Strategic Command series of games since 2007. Ivanov and I have never played a game against each other before.

My goal for France is to survive. The French Navy will mostly fight the Austrian-Hungarian Navy.

The United Kingdom (UK) is to man as much of the naval blockade lines as safely possible with Light Cruisers and to defensively prepare to fight and win a big naval battle with Germany. The continuous National Morale erosion by the blockade lines can cause Germany to surrender in spite of any Germanyís success on land. The UK is to assist France with one Army Group (two if things go badly) and will send the rest to fight the Ottomans in the Middle East.

My goal for Serbia is to survive as long as possible. Holding Belgrade would be ideal, as that would prevent Bulgaria from joining the Central Powers later.

Russia is strong but brittle. Ideally, I want to take Lemberg, Prezemysl and Krakow to get Romania into the war as soon as possible. I want to hold in the Warsaw area and advance, if possible, in the Gumbinnen area. Unfortunately, the German Navy is so strong that the surface Russian Baltic Fleet must mostly just stay alive and safe in port.

Iím very happy with Turn 1. In France, Lille and Reims could be taken by elite German Cavalry and that didnít happen. Bill showed me how that could be done. ☹ I operated out the Belgium Corp in Brussels, which would have been destroyed, to a safe spot in France, to be repaired to fight another day.

In East Prussia, Invanov wisely pulled back to a defensible line. In the Ukraine, it has been my experience that the Central Powers canít hold Tarnopol and the Galician Oil Fields. I would have withdrawn to save the units.
In Serbia, I normally evacuate Valjevo as it canít be held. Belgrade is the real prize and can be taken on the first turn. I did a swap move and entrenched to hold Belgrade. I might hold Belgrade for some time now.

In the Baltic, I have laid a naval mine for any German Destroyer that would want to attack my raiding Russia Sub, when I get a sub. In the North Sea, I have set two ambush naval mines and am temporarily fully occupying the close blockade line. This blockade line is the most effective, but is also very vulnerable to German hit and run naval attacks.

I am sorry. I have screen shots, but I don't know how to put them in my post.

vonspee -> RE: Strategic Command WWI Beta Multiplayer AAR (11/14/2019 1:28:13 AM)

I'm enjoying this AAR immensely. Looking forward to further entries!

ivanov -> RE: Strategic Command WWI Beta Multiplayer AAR (11/14/2019 2:49:26 PM)

Turn 2

15th of August

In the West, Belgian army abandons Brussels which is liberated by the troops of gen Kluck. The Belgian capital moves to Antwerp, which is going to be our next target. French cavalry units arrive to Lille. Our reconnaissance has also spotted the first unit of British Expeditionary Force. Further south we throw everything at the French near Sedan and manage to destroy one French corps. It seems that the French wisely try to establish a coherent defensive line and don't pursue any offensive action. This is unfortunate and we intend to press them hard for as long as possible, before the balance of power in the West, inevitably changes in favour of the Entente.


Interestingly, the first major naval action took place in the Baltic. German navy sent a strong force in order to mine the Gulf of Finland. It seems, that the Russian navy had a similar idea and our battleship was heavy damaged by the mines on the latitude of Riga. We managed to catch the Russian destroyer and sink it. The rest of our force conducted a successful mining operation as intended.


Meanwhile first Russian units appear on the border of East Prussia. It would be interesting if Dan tries some offensive action there. The Hindenburg HQ is already deployed to help defending the vaterland. Thanks to the difficult terrain and reinforcements, the Eastern province has a potential of becoming a death trap for the attackers. Further south, it seems that the Russian units are preparing to defend the area of Warsaw. By now the German forces facing them are really negligible, but that is going to change...


Germany is faced is a decision - should we send the aid for Turkey, that will allow to deploy the Liman von Sanders HQ there? We say "yes". Without our help, the Turks would be too vulnerable. The main role of Turkey when it enters the war, is not to collapse prematurely. And if that is achieved, then Turkey may become a valuable asset draining the Entente's resources ( mainly British ).

As expected, the Russians make their main push in Galicia. They capture Tarnopol and destroy an AH cavalry corps. The k.u.k. in return destroys a Russian infantry corps. A decision is made the abandon the oilfields and consolidate the defences. One of the rating 3 HQ's is replaced by a HQ rating 5 ( the best AH can get ). If the Russians advance as we predict, our forces would be in a decent position to launch counterattacks.


Due to the events in the northeastern frontier the Austro-Hungarian government is presented with a decision. We are going to say "yes".


In Serbia the forces of dual monarchy, reinforced by the 2nd armee, attack violently Belgrade. The loses on both sides are heavy but the city remains in Serbian hands. It is doubtful that Serbia can be crushed without the support of heavy artillery, but the artillery weapons tech that would allow to reduce the entrenchments, still needs to be researched.


Since we are talking about the research, I'm going to invest mainly in the tech categories, that enhance the land combat and command capabilities. When possible, I'll also invest in the air warfare categories and submarine warfare, so I can counter the expected Entente's research. Since my loses during the turn 1 were light, I was able to invest as Germany two chits in trench warfare, second chit in the artillery warfare ( we need artillery tech 1 urgently ) and unusually - in the spying and intelligence. In normally don't invest in this category, but since I had spare 80 MPP left, I thought it may be useful. The AH only manged to invest two chits in the trench warfare category. I expect that due to the loses, I won't be able to be so generous during the upcoming turns.

Cfant -> RE: Strategic Command WWI Beta Multiplayer AAR (11/15/2019 8:47:47 AM)

Wow, you have balls of iron it seems [:)] Sending 2nd army to the Balkans instead of Galicia... Well then, Gott strafe Serbien! (may god punish the serbs) [:D] Good luck and thanks for this AAR! What do you plan with the A-H navy? When Italy enters the war, there may be a problem.[:D]

ivanov -> RE: Strategic Command WWI Beta Multiplayer AAR (11/15/2019 3:13:13 PM)



Wow, you have balls of iron it seems [:)] Sending 2nd army to the Balkans instead of Galicia... Well then, Gott strafe Serbien! (may god punish the serbs) [:D] Good luck and thanks for this AAR! What do you plan with the A-H navy? When Italy enters the war, there may be a problem.[:D]

Serbien muŖ sterbien! But seriously - the 2nd army has two corps only and I manged to operate to Galicja one corps from Montenegro and also operate a German detachment, to free up another AH corps. So at the end the numbers in Galicia add up [8D] The main problem for me now, is that even with the 2nd army, I probably won't be able to achieve much in Serbia. Some manged to capture Belgrade in turn 1, I've never succeed in doing that. That's why I went for Valievo first. In the recent beta versions, Serbia became tougher ( it totally agree with that change ) and it seems, that without the upgraded artillery, the AH troops won't be able to overcome the defenders. I am aware that my moves may not be optimal. I don't have enough of experience with the game and I learn it on the go. I think that this spontaneity will make the AAR more exciting.

As to the Italian navy - well I don't want to spoil you the fun of reading the AAR [;)]

Ps. Last night the forum was down, so Dan couldn't post the report from his second turn. We'll continue tonight, if the saboteurs won't mess with the forum again.

Mithrilotter -> RE: Strategic Command WWI Beta Multiplayer AAR (11/15/2019 11:06:34 PM)

I didnít intend to lose a Russian Destroyer after laying a naval mine. Iím not sure how Ivanov figured out that my destroyer was there, but that was a good attack on his part.

I am consolidating in Prussia. I did a Sack/Replace of the Russian HQ 3 with a Russian HQ 6. I will get an HQ 7 later for free later in the Caucasus. I am happy with the situation.
In the Ukraine, I did a Sack/Replace of the Russian HQ 3 with a Russian HQ 5. I tried to take Lemberg on the run, since Ivanov moved out then moved back in again. But those attacks werenít working, so I withdrew. At least I did destroy one AH Corps.

Serbia is holding Belgrade and a good defensive line. But they need more MPPís to repair losses. Russia is sending its maximum 5%. I wonít send any French MPPís until I know that the convoy line is safe from the AH Sub.

I am holding more ground that I expected to in the West Front. But some of the French front line is on clear terrain. I hope that the lower defense bonus of clear terrain wonít cost me later.

All Entente Light Cruisers are heading North to occupy the blockade lines. The French Seaplane Carrier, a French Sub and a French Destroyer have been repaired to full strength for future service in the Adriatic. A French and a UK Destroyer are heading South from the Channel to the Adriatic.

I suspect that Ivanov has put an AH naval mine somewhere near Serbia. If I have to hit a mine, a destroyer is the least expensive ship that I own to repair the damage.
I moved a French Garrison in Morocco to cover the partisan location in Fes.

ivanov -> RE: Strategic Command WWI Beta Multiplayer AAR (11/15/2019 11:59:27 PM)

Turn 3

29th of August 1914. The reality sets in...

I receive the advice regarding the unrestricted naval warfare:

[img][/img]img photo hosting

Launching the unrestricted naval warfare can helps Germany's National Morale and seriously damage Britain's economy. However it will also swing USA towards the Entente. So I think the best course of action would be to launch the attacks intermittently. For the time being the one Uboot that we have operating in the Atlantic has launched conventional attacks against the British Empire convoys.

In Belgium the 1st Armee captures Antwerp. Other than that, it looks like a relatively solid wall of Belgian, British and French units has already formed in the West. It doesn't look like the Germans will be able to achieve much more here. I'll probably launch some kind of race to the sea against the Belgians, but I have to accept that the windows of opportunity are already closing.


In Galicia the Russians capture the oilfields but fail to capture Lemberg. The Tsarist armies have some numerical superiority here, but the AH defensive positions right now is pretty solid. I operate here one infantry corps from the Dalmatian coast, because was pretty useless there. Every man counts in the desperate struggle against the threat from the East!


There was no action on the Serbian front. I was unable to reinforce the units after previous fighting. Maybe the AH armies will get one more shoot at capturing Belgrade but it seems that we'll need a support of heavy artillery here and it won't be available in the near future. By now, the Serbian ulcer proved to be just an unnecessary drain on the limited Habsburg resources...

With the mounting loses and the capture of Galician oilfields by Russians, the situation of dual monarchy quickly becomes critical. Due to that an emergency help is required. Germany has an option of sending aid to it's ally. For the moment I set the aid to the maximum 10% of German industrial output.


It seems that the Russians are not going to attack the East Prussia. In any case, the 8th Armee under gen von Bulow has a pretty good defensive position there. With their main effort focused in the South, the Russians cannot be strong everywhere. I've decided to form a new 10th Armee, under gen Paul von Hindenburg. It is going to attack from the area of Posen, in the general direction of Lodz and Warsaw. The Germans won't be able to take Warsaw and nearby fortress of Novo-Georgievsk without the upgraded artillery. But the aim here is to defeat the Russians in battle, in order to relieve the pressure on Austro-Hungarians.

[img][/img]post pics

Mithrilotter -> RE: Strategic Command WWI Beta Multiplayer AAR (11/16/2019 3:53:09 AM)

Entente Turn 3. After losing the Destroyer, the timid Russian Navy in the Baltic ports has just become even more timid. The Black Sea Battleship has been repaired to full strength.

Russian Reinforcements are walking to the front as it is expensive to operate them. I would rather spend the MPPís on research.

The Russians have advanced, entrenched and cut off the German Detachment in Memel. I expect to take Memel soon.

I canít afford to lose a Corps a turn on the Russian Front. So, I am advancing cautiously making sure that my units are entrenched.

Krakow is only defended by a Detachment. I now see a future potential opportunity to take Krakow by storm. Bill successfully pulled that tactic on me once.

I am isolating Czernowitz, which is also only defended by a Detachment.

Serbian front line units are now entrenched and are mostly repaired. I may be able to hold Belgrade and this line until AH gets Artillery Tech Level 1.

Three Destroyers and a French Seaplane Carrier are racing to the Adriatic. A French and a UK Sub are repaired to full strength for service in the Adriatic.

On the West Front, this very nice forward line is mostly holding. I am looking for good opportunities to counterattack, but finding none. The Belgium Corps that escaped from Brussels has been repaired to full strength. It will head back North.

The UK Battleship Swiftsure has been repaired to full strength. More UK ships occupy the distant blockade line. I have moved a UK Destroyer to the Norwegian coast, in case a U-Boat tries to sneak up that way.

So far, the UK has invested one point in ASW and two points in Trench Tech. France has invested one point in ASW, two points in Trench Tech and one point in Production Technology. Russia has invested one point in Artillery Warfare and one point in Trench Tech.

Overall, except for the Russian and French Corps losses, I am happy with the turn.

ivanov -> RE: Strategic Command WWI Beta Multiplayer AAR (11/16/2019 10:58:19 PM)

Turn 4

12 th Septmeber. Twilight in the East.

It seems that the Eastern Front inevitably becomes the main theater of the war. In the West the Germans destroyed a Belgian and a French corps, but no significant territorial progress has been made. Some units have been reinforced, but not many new corps arrived since all the freshly mobilised units are being dispatched to the East. There was some desultory action in Serbia, but both sides are too weak and exhausted, to be able to achieve a decision there.

In the East the newly formed 10th Armee commenced invasion of Russian Poland. Overall, the German forces probably have some numerical advantage there. Of course, the Russians will be able to move some reserves to the area. The main asset of the invasion force, is the good, old von Hindenburg HQ, with it's command rating of 8. The Russians don't possess any HQ with an equivalent rating. No doubt the fighting will be tough, but I hope to capture Kutno and Lodz to gain the jumping off positions for the future assault on Warsaw. Also, it will be critical to draw some Russian units away from the Galician front.


In East Prussia the Russians encircled the town of Mamel. I've decided to evacuate the defending detachment by sea. There's no reason to sacrifice a perfectly good unit. The loss of Mamel has no big importance, the main events are taking place elsewhere.


In Galicia the Russians form a ring of steel around the Austro-Hungarian forces, but don't push forwards aggressively. It looks like their next objective will be Lemberg.


Mithrilotter -> RE: Strategic Command WWI Beta Multiplayer AAR (11/17/2019 2:38:54 AM)

I have been confused about the WW1 Country areas in Eastern Europe. Poland was the Russian at start territory around Warsaw, West to about Bialystok. Galacia is a slice of land that is partly in Austrian-Hungary (AH) and partially in Russia. Galacia is South of Krakow and a little further East than Tarnopol and North of Romania. German East Prussia, is the German at start territory, that is North of Poland.
I entered Memel and consolidated Russian controlled East Prussia. I probably wonít be able to advance further until Russia gets Artillery Tech Level 1.

Ivanov is moving West into Poland in force. I destroyed one German Corps, but I am very concerned. Germany has a significant HQ and an infantry quality advantage over the Russians.

I have moved and entrenched Russian Corps adjacent to Przemysl and Lemberg. There is a chance of taking one of them next turn. Przemysl looks to be the easiest.

Belgrade and the Serbian line are holding well. Serbia needs French MPPís but the convoy line still has an AH Sub on it. While checking the convoy line, my French Sub hit an AH mine in the Adriatic and took light damage. A French Seaplane Carrier attacked the AH Sub and did no damage. A UK Destroyer is now in position to attack the AH sub next turn.

Because it is potentially too dangerous now, I withdrew my North blockading UK ships to the Shetland Island line. If Ivanov tries a Jutland there, many of my combat ships are only two or three hexes away, instead of isolated at the end of the blockade line. Surplus ships are now on the Distant blockade line.

The West Front was disappointing. Ivanov destroyed a Belgium and a French Corps. In case Belgium surrenders, I must keep all Belgium units out of Belgium or they will surrender also. Belgium is now being defended by the French and the UK. I sack/replaced the UK HQ French 3 with Plummer 7.

Ivanov has silently moved a U-Boat near the English Channel. This has compromised all of my naval defensive plans. The U-Boat has identified my protective naval mine fields without being damaged. Ivanovís surface ships can now safely sail around the mines. Well played Ivanov!

I Naval Cruised two UK Destroyers South to cover the Channel. But I was counting on them to hunt down the U-Boat in the North Atlantic. I will need to buy some UK Motor Torpedo Boats for ASW protection in the Channel. When I get the UK Sub, I will use it to block the choke point as Subs are great against everything but Destroyers and Motor Torpedo Boats.

The UK repaired the new Infantry and Calvary Corps in England to full strength for shipping to Egypt and Iraq.

The UK invested one more point in ASW. France invested one more point in Trench Tech. Russia invested three more research points into Trench Tech and one point into Advanced Subs.

ivanov -> RE: Strategic Command WWI Beta Multiplayer AAR (11/17/2019 10:50:39 PM)

Turn 5

26th September. We march in the rain.

All Quiet on the Western Front. Since the Entente armies already occupy a continuous and entrenched frontline, there are really no more opportunities for a successful breakthrough. At the same time, I have to acknowledge, that the Serbian campaign ended up in a disaster. Right now, the Austro-Hungarian units on that front, are in a worst shape, than the Serbian ones. All the AH reinforcements and replacements are being sent to Galicia. Nothing else can be achieved on that front without the help of heavy artillery.

In the East, despite of the pouring rain, the 10th Armee commenced it's main attack. This went pretty well. The Russians were expelled from Kutno and Lodz. However our cavalry only entered that second city, to salute the cheering locals and then withdrew for the time being. The German High Command wanted to spare the civilians, due a possible Russian counterattack ( this was the real reason, I'm not lying ). So Lodz is ours but remains unoccupied. What's interesting, the Russians didn't really react swiftly to our offensive. I haven't noticed any significant reinforcements arriving to the center, despite the fact that since the last turn, German intentions there were pretty clear. This is a bad news for Austro-Hungary, but it could be also an indication, that the Russian HQ doesn't react quick enough to the unexpected developments on the front.


In Galicia, the mass of Russian units moved south, with a clear intent of capturing Lemberg. A decision is made to abandon the city and finally move to more defensible positions. They will rest on the difficult terrain of the Carpathian mountains and also hinge on the fortress of Przemysl. Since the enemy numerical superiority is probably no greater than 1.5 to 1, it should be probably sufficient to stop the advance of the Eastern steam roller. If the enemy forces keep pushing South and ignore the German threat from the West, then they could end up in serious troubles. However the bad weather season may stop offensive operations of both sides.


It seems that Entente sends strong naval force to the Adriatic Sea. Some vessel hit our mines. In response an AH dreadnought went for a kill after spotting an enemy destroyer. This was a foolish decision, since an enemy submarine was lying in wait. The strongest AH vessel was damaged but managed to sail to the safety of a friendly port. AH navy is not a match for the combined Franco-British forces. If the western powers wish to turn Adriatic into an Entente's controlled lake - so let it be. We won't risk a destruction of an entire Austro-Hungarian navy.


Mithrilotter -> RE: Strategic Command WWI Beta Multiplayer AAR (11/18/2019 12:09:21 AM)

Entente Turn 5: This was a better turn, although I am still very concerned about holding Warsaw.

I have advanced, entrenched and straightened my line in East Prussia.

I lost two Russian Corps in Western Poland. The Czar has declared a state of emergency and many of the Russian Corps that were walking to the front were operated to nearby Warsaw. Russian Corps in the area formed a better line and entrenched.

Ivanov withdrew the AH to a stronger line in Galacia. This makes good strategic sense. Although he vacated Lemberg, he greatly strengthened Przemysl and didnít lose any Corps. Przemysl is likely to be safe for a while as my priority is to protect Warsaw. Since Russia has taken Lemberg, Romania will join the war as a Russian minor at some point in the future. I am happy.

Belgrade and the Serbian line are holding well. Understrength front line units have been repaired. I again attacked the AH Sub and again did no damage. The Serbian convoy line has been cleared, but Serbia can live without French MPPís for now.

More Entente ships are occupying the distant blockade line. It is almost fully manned.

The West Front is stable.

France invested one research point in Artillery Tech and one more in ASW. The UK invested one more point in ASW.

Unfortunately, the English Channel is a U-Boat freeway right now. I plan to put a UK Sub at the narrows and build two UK Motor Torpedo Boats supporting the Sub.

One of my UK Destroyers sailed the proposed Channel path of my transports and found a second U-Boat. The Destroyer attack did no damage to the U-Boat. The UK Corps and Calvary on transports sailed safely South bound for Egypt and Iraq.

ivanov -> RE: Strategic Command WWI Beta Multiplayer AAR (11/18/2019 10:24:10 PM)

Turn 6

24th of October. Enter The Last Hussar.

In Russian Poland, German forces finally occupy Lodz. An enemy corps northwest of Novo-Georgievsk is obliterated, after being subjected to the heaviest artillery barrage of the war up to this point.

I'd like to highlight a new game feature here. The artillery barrage is more effective, if the targeted enemy unit, is first reconnoitred by the air recon bomber unit, which is then indicated by a red outline around the unit's hex.


German High Command sends a new HQ to this area. One of our best generals - August von Mackensen, the so called ďLast HusarĒ. He's going to take charge of the newly forming 11th Armee.


Russians finally form a continuous frontline to face the German threat coming from the West. It's doubtful whether I manage to achieve much more here, before the before onset of the bad weather season. But German prospects for the 1915 campaign are encouraging.

There was no fighting in Galicia and the Serbian front remains quiet right now.

In the West, German 6th Armee under Rupprecht, Crown Prince of Bavaria, launches a surprise attack against the southern fortress city of Epinal. Five corps attack the objective and a defending corps is destroyed by the attackers are too exhausted to occupy city.

(unfortunatelly I don't have a screenshot since I forgot to save it )

This is just the type of attrition, that we want to inflict on the French. If they move a new unit back to Epinal, we'll try to attack the city again.

I am presented with a decision regarding launching of the Unrestricted Naval Warfare. I decide to say "no" and stick to the conventional convoy attacks. It would be difficult to sustain the UNW for a longer period of time. Also, launching it would provoke USA moving towards the Entnte. We have enough of enemies as it is. So pissing off Uncle Sam at this stage would be unwise.

Here are the detailed loses of both sides up to this moment:


The good new is, that the Russians have already suffered more casualties against the Germans that against the Austro-Hungarians. Another fun fact - the country that suffered the smallest loses is Serbia, which is pretty disgraceful for the k.u.k armee.

Mithrilotter -> RE: Strategic Command WWI Beta Multiplayer AAR (11/19/2019 2:59:19 AM)

Entente Turn 6: The Russians firmed up the Warsaw line by swap moving out Calvary Corps and replacing them with Infantry Corps. The remaining reinforcements continue their march Eastwards.
The Russians advanced a little further in Galacia, entrenched and straightened the front line. The Russians destroyed a retreating AH Detachment and took Czernowitz.

Russian Mountain Corps in the Caucasus advanced and entrenched.

The Serbians finished repairing all damaged units.

The French and UK ships are in place to protect the French convoy line to Serbia, should I choose to use it. Entente Subs make great front line defense ships. I am ready to fight the AH Navy should the opportunity arise.

I lost another French Corps on the West Front and it is hurting. However, I didnít lose a hex. I rebuilt a destroyed French Corps and fully repaired the Gloire Armored Cruiser, in the Channel.

The UK fully repaired the Prince of Wales Battleship and bought a Motor Torpedo Boat. I am forming a two Destroyer and one Seaplane Carrier Task Force to hunt down a raiding U-Boat. A UK Infantry and Calvary Corps are naval cruising to Egypt and Iraq.

Russia invested one research point in Infantry Weapons and in Infantry Warfare. France invested one further research point in ASW.

The Ottomans declared war and join the Central Powers.

ivanov -> RE: Strategic Command WWI Beta Multiplayer AAR (11/19/2019 11:51:51 PM)

Turn 7

21th of November. The sick man of Europe.

French decided to send a new corps to Epinal and the 6th Armee struck again. The enemy unit got decimated and a German cavalry corps, that was kept in the reserve, managed to occupy the fortress city. Capture of Epinal is the biggest success of German army achieved against the French to date.


In the East, it looks like Russians finally brought significant reinforcements against the German armies attacking in the center. No significant action took place as our forces had to be replenished after the previous fighting. Note, the massive scale of the front, even without the East Prussia sector.


Probably the most important news came from the South. Ottoman Empire joined the war on the Central Powers side. Well, as they say: having Turkey as an ally, provides a significant advantage to your enemies. Right now, the most important task, is not to allow Turkey, to become a puch bag for the British and for the Russians. And this is not going to be easy. Turkish troops haven't yet managed to see an angry enemy soldier and we already receive some heartening news from our commanders...


Mithrilotter -> RE: Strategic Command WWI Beta Multiplayer AAR (11/20/2019 2:52:45 AM)

Entente Turn 7: It appears that Ivanov is just as concerned about the number of Russian Corps in front of him as I am about him attacking Warsaw. He hasnít advanced on Warsaw. I am very happy about that. Time is on my side.

Ivanov has withdrawn in Galacia to a straighter line. The Russians advance into Tarnow and to other vacated hexes and entrench. I donít mind bulges in my lines when they go around hexes that I want to take. The Russians are getting really stretched, but the Central Powers must be even more stretched. The Russians destroy an AH Detachment.

The Russian Sub is blockading an Ottoman port in the Black Sea. Bill showed me how to solve that problem by building an Ottoman Motor Torpedo Boat in that port.

I am suspicious as to how lightly defended the Ottoman Middle East coast might be along with Aqaba. I have naval cruised two French Armored Cruisers from the Adriatic to Egypt to snoop around the coast. I like to do amphibious invasions with UK Detachments.

I lost another French Corps on the West Front and a city. France is hurting. The French damaged a German Corps but it was even point losses. I rebuilt a destroyed French Corps.
The UK transported an 8 Strength UK Corps to France that would have gone to Egypt.

I want the UK to free up some French Corps to cover French losses. The UK builds the second Motor Torpedo Boat.

A typhus epidemic damages some Serbian units.

The Serbs have spare MPPís to invest one research point into Trench Warfare. The Russians invest one research point in Spying, one point in Gas Shell Production and one further point into Production Technology. The UK invests one research point in Fighters and one further point into Trench Warfare. The French and Russians advance one level in Trench Warfare. The UK advances one level in ASW.

ivanov -> RE: Strategic Command WWI Beta Multiplayer AAR (11/21/2019 1:09:47 AM)

Turn 8

19th of December. The Spaghetti Incident.

Not much combat has taken place during this turn. The snow and ice forced both sides to slow down the operational tempo. Those weather conditions impact adversely attack capabilities of the units. Despite of that, one French corps has been destroyed near Cambrai.

For now, let's look at the research of the three Central Powers nations.





Ottoman Empire:


As we can see, Germany has been able to invest most, focusing on improving the land warfare capabilities. Austro-Hungary and Ottoman Empire are able to invest only in the most basic land warfare capabilities. Waging serious naval and air war, is a luxury they cannot effort. So far, only Germany managed to research the trench warfare level 1. From what we can see, that has been achieved by France and Russia too. The most critical is artillery weapons research. Without it, the armies of Kaiser wouldn't be able to take the fortresses in Russian Poland.

Austro-Hungary has been presented with probably the most important decision of the war:


It was decided to cede the territories to Italy. With Serbia undefeated, the Dual Monarchy wouldn't be able to sustain another front. The loss of production points is not a big concern. Having to maintain another army group against a major opponent, would require much more economic resources. The real problem, is the drop of national morale and the mutinies at the front, caused by the concession of the territory. I hope that due to the bad weather, the Russians won't be able to take much advantage of the temporary weakening of the spirit of Austro-Hungarian troops.

Ps. Due to the RL, I won't be able to post until Sunday. Until then I have to announce a ceasefire.

Mithrilotter -> RE: Strategic Command WWI Beta Multiplayer AAR (11/21/2019 2:42:41 AM)

Entente Turn 9: As I have feared, Ivanov is using his qualitative German advantage to destroy a Russian Corps. This is just the beginning.

For some odd reason all AH units on the Eastern Front continue to offer attack possibilities for Russia, even in bad weather. The Russians destroyed an AH Corps and took Przemysl. The Russians destroyed another AH Corps and took Stanislaw.

I didnít realize it, but last turn Ivanov took the Decision Event and made territorial concessions to Italy to keep Italy out of the war. To my knowledge, this is what happens:

The areas of Trento and Trieste transfer to Italian control. Protest riots will take place throughout Austria-Hungary as the population will oppose this move, National Morale will drop by 10,000, the Armyís morale will plummet and some desertions may take place, while Italy will swing 90% towards the Central Powers so that though it will remain favoring the Entente, it will have an effectively neutral status.

Italy is still Entente friendly, so any AH naval units adjacent to Italy coastlines are immediately spotted. This is how Ivanovís AH ships suddenly became visible last turn. Ivanov sank a Strength 7 French Battleship on his turn. France and the UK sink more AH ships in the Adriatic.

The AH National Morale has now dropped to 59%. From my perspective, I believe that the Central Powers will now lose the war, with AH surrendering first, causing a domino effect.

Romania prepares for war as a Russian minor ally.

The UK Armored Cruiser in Malta, all UK Destroyers except one, a UK Seaplane Carrier and a UK Dreadnought get an ASW Level 1 upgrade. I will go U-Boat hunting next turn.

Serbia nibbles at adjacent AH Corps doing a little bit more damage that it takes.

The UK moves units forward in Egypt and entrench. The UK Calvary Corps disembarks into Mesopotamia.

The first UK Motor Torpedo Boat arrives. The new UK Sub moves into position to block the English Channel.

Ivanov destroyed another French Corps on the West Front. The French destroy a German Corps. The French repair a Channel Armored Cruiser to full strength. The French partially repair a half strength Dreadnought in the Mediterranean.

The Russians invest one further point into Industrial Technology and one point into Advanced Fighters. The French invest one point into Infantry Weapons. The Serbs invest a further point into Trench Warfare.

For screen shots please visit

Mithrilotter -> RE: Strategic Command WWI Beta Multiplayer AAR (11/21/2019 2:46:31 AM)

I am sorry. I got out of order. Entente Turn 8: Ivanov is advancing on the East Front. At least the Russians have Level 1 Trench Warfare now.

I almost had Przemysl! I was only one strength point of damage short of taking it and I could have if I had managed my attacks better. Unfortunately, I saw another good attack further West and took it first. For some reason, all of the AH units are vulnerable, even in the bad weather. I moved additional Russian units nearby for another attack on Przemysl next turn. The Russians rebuild an Infantry Corps.

I moved the UK Armored Cruiser South to Malta to get an ASW upgrade before I realized that most of the AH Navy in the Adriatic was visible. The French and UK pounced, sinking an AH Battleship, Destroyer and damaging a Dreadnought.

Serbia is stable. I repaired all damaged units.

A scouting French Armored Cruiser noticed that Aqaba was vacant. A UK Cavalry Corps occupied it. Aqaba can be hard to take. This enables a larger Arab partisan revolt along with activation of the Lawrence of Arabia HQ.

The other French Armored Cruiser didnít spot anything good on the Palestinian coast.

Palestine is lightly defended. One UK Infantry Corps landed in Egypt. The UK Calvary Corps continued sailing onto Mesopotamia.

I lost another French Corps on the West Front. The French rebuild one.

The UK recalled all Destroyers and the Seaplane Carrier to ports for an ASW upgrade. The UK Light Cruiser Chatham was repaired to full strength. A UK Sub arrived. Soon the English Channel U-Boat Freeway will be closed.

The Russians invest one further point into Trench Warfare. The UK invests one further point into Trench Warfare. The French invest one further point in Trench Warfare. The US invests one point in Industrial Technology.

The UK advanced one Level in Trench Warfare.

For screen shots please visit

Cfant -> RE: Strategic Command WWI Beta Multiplayer AAR (11/21/2019 8:18:18 AM)

I'm stunned. A-H hast 59 moral? So without giving territory to Italy it still would have only 69? How comes this? End of october A-H had only lost 3 units...

Sugar -> RE: Strategic Command WWI Beta Multiplayer AAR (11/22/2019 2:47:53 AM)

I guess the loss of many NM-Objectives in Galicia caused the missing NM.

Together with what I noticed in HvS's AAR, especially AH seems to be very vulnerable compared to Breakthrough; they're seemingly not able to hold their line in Galicia. Also no german major offensives in France or East Prussia, and the advance on Warsaw is halted for winter in both AARs, with both CP-Players waiting for heavy art. to continue. Very surprising.

shri -> RE: Strategic Command WWI Beta Multiplayer AAR (11/22/2019 5:28:16 AM)

This is catastrophic for AH, perhaps conquest of Belgrade and retaking Galicia should have high NM boosts to AH so as to make it stay till 1918 else in 1915 its game over, with 59NM a chance for revolt will trigger.

The Germans haven't gone full out on the Belgian front though they have attacked with the Bavarians in the southern sector against France.

Also for some reason, the German player is afraid of Russians in front of Warsaw, infact it should have been the other way around. Maybe Germans lack artillery or tech advantage to repeat their Tannenberg & Masurian lakes in the East.

ArtDen -> RE: Strategic Command WWI Beta Multiplayer AAR (11/22/2019 8:19:42 AM)

I think - too much money invested in reserach and too less in battles. I think best Axis choice: 1914 - Belgium and Serbia, 1915 - strong blow to Italy, Warsaw and Galicia.
Serbia is a bone in your throat.

The Land -> RE: Strategic Command WWI Beta Multiplayer AAR (11/22/2019 11:52:38 AM)

Just an observation on tech. I think Germany should probably start with a point in Airships - historically they had by far the best and most numerous airships throughout the war (parts of the Royal Navy were very frustrated with the Germans' advantage in this area...)

ivanov -> RE: Strategic Command WWI Beta Multiplayer AAR (11/22/2019 10:59:06 PM)



I'm stunned. A-H hast 59 moral? So without giving territory to Italy it still would have only 69? How comes this? End of october A-H had only lost 3 units...

With the Italy DE, the AH National Morale plummeted 30% from over 90% to a little over 60%.


So the continuous string of defeats in Galicia prior to that decision, caused less that 10% NM loss. The impact of giving the territory to Italy was more severe than I expected. The combat capabilities of AH army have fallen dramatically due to the mutinies. Right now, c.u.k can't even hold the defensive line in the mountins. Worst of all, it seems that the DE automatically leads Romania to join the Entente, which is probably worst than having to deal with isolated Italy. The Romanian production points will feed Russia, which is quickly converting into a Godzilla. I have no access to the game until Sunday, when I'll be able to provide more insights.

ivanov -> RE: Strategic Command WWI Beta Multiplayer AAR (11/22/2019 11:03:20 PM)



This is catastrophic for AH, perhaps conquest of Belgrade and retaking Galicia should have high NM boosts to AH so as to make it stay till 1918 else in 1915 its game over, with 59NM a chance for revolt will trigger.

The Germans haven't gone full out on the Belgian front though they have attacked with the Bavarians in the southern sector against France.

Also for some reason, the German player is afraid of Russians in front of Warsaw, infact it should have been the other way around. Maybe Germans lack artillery or tech advantage to repeat their Tannenberg & Masurian lakes in the East.

It's not really possible to advance against Russian Poland without the upgraded artillery. The Russian forts have 5 entrenchment value. With Russia having already researched trench warfare 1, even attacking Russian units in the open ground would be very costly. Also, if the Russians don't advance into East Prussia, then it's rather difficult to repeat the Tannenberg [:D]

Note, that there'll be some changes introduced before the release and they will help the attacking sides in 1914 and 1915 [:)]

ivanov -> RE: Strategic Command WWI Beta Multiplayer AAR (11/22/2019 11:06:37 PM)



Just an observation on tech. I think Germany should probably start with a point in Airships - historically they had by far the best and most numerous airships throughout the war (parts of the Royal Navy were very frustrated with the Germans' advantage in this area...)

They do start with one chit invested in the Airship research but I sold it. I've decided not to invest in extravagant weapon systems or in the navy. Germany is a land power [:)]

shri -> RE: Strategic Command WWI Beta Multiplayer AAR (11/23/2019 3:54:30 AM)


WW1 Gold had compulsory attacks-
Austria for Serbia
Russia for East Prussia
France for Alsace
Germany for France (either north or south)
if at end of 1914 it didn't happen or failed, NM loss, if successful NM gain.
This feature stopped the GAMEY tactics of being passive on fronts i.e. Germany attacking only Russia or Russia only Austria and France being totally comatose defensive. because such tactics were extremely a-historical.

Also, i understood from earlier reply that your gifting of Hapsburg land collapsed NM (rightly so). This is a great feature, that decision would have never been agreed in Vienna it is totally anachronistic for it to have 0 consequences. Kudos to Bill & Hubert for scripting an immediate Romanian invasion (though Bulgaria would also have declared war against Romania immediately on a Historical context)

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