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headcount_slith -> LoS weirdness (tanks) (11/9/2019 7:10:45 AM)

My Sherman can target straight though this strangely passive (why doesn't it flee?) gun-out Panther when it is behind it (B) but the Panther blocks LoF when the Sherman is abeam of it (A). A bit odd/counter-intuitive.

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headcount_slith -> RE: LoS weirdness (tanks) (11/9/2019 7:13:07 AM)


headcount_slith -> RE: LoS weirdness (tanks) (11/9/2019 7:24:26 AM)

Just to clarify, the Panther will be hit by shells fired when the Sherman is behind it and targets a spot in front of it. The weirdness is the fact that the game allows me to target an out-of-LoS spot in one situation (B) but prevents me from doing so in another (A).

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