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Toan -> No Graphics (11/8/2019 10:38:35 PM)

I used the Scenerio Editor on Monday, worked fine, did not use at all on Tuesday, went to use on Wendsday and had the following results; usual window for menu only shows the text New Game, Saved Game, PBEM, Scenerio Editor etc., can very faintly make out the graphic screen underneath but the window is black. If I klick on Scenerio Editor will load but again a black screen no map, everything works but only shows text, if I move the mouse over the map the text showing location, terrain etc. shows below, if I tell it to edit forces again only text. All other games work fine. Can anyone help.

NefariousKoel -> RE: No Graphics (1/7/2020 5:51:04 AM)

Just had this same experience.

Played a couple different times the previous day, after purchase. Turned off the PC overnight. Started up TOAW4 the next evening and all the background is very dark, but not the text. Loaded up my save game and only the unit counters are colored normally. The map and most of the rest of the interface is so dark it's barely discernable.

Currently running it on Steam with the Steam Overlay disabled. That didn't seem to matter yesterday when it worked fine, though.

NefariousKoel -> RE: No Graphics (1/7/2020 6:05:21 AM)

Eventually dug up a solution to a similar issue.

I had changed the Brightness/Contrast settings a bit in Player Options. After resetting them to 0, it was back to normal.

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