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Werewolf13 -> How to Move and Place Objectives? (11/8/2019 2:40:05 PM)

I find the scenario generator choice of objectives to usually not be to my liking. Deleting them is easy. But - I'm having a great deal of trouble with setting up new ones and placing them where I wish.

The instructions that pop up on the top of screen just plain do not work for me. I follow them word for word. Placing a new one doesn't work at all and resizing existing ones doesn't either.

I've checked the manual and cannot find anything in it (I suck at search). Mostly me I suppose so can someone please provide a step by step procedure for how to move or place (in other words, delete and replace) new objectives in the scenario generator.


Aside: One wonders why an existing objective simply can't be dragged to where you want it to be and why sizing can't be done by just clicking on the edge of the box and dragging in or out?

CCIP-subsim -> RE: How to Move and Place Objectives? (11/8/2019 5:54:52 PM)

I can't do step-by-step at the moment while I'm away from home, but just a couple of things to keep in mind:

-first, clear all the objectives before placing new ones. Clear, then left-click to place.
-second, check what you chose for placing objectives (urban, closed vs. open, etc.) - that determines where you can place them.
-related to that - check the type of battle you're setting up. You can only put objectives into the enemy's setup zone when attacking, your own setup zone when defending, and the "scouting area" between the two setup zones in meeting engagements.
-third, you cannot resize objectives. Objectives are always the same size.
-and finally, related to the above - given that objectives are always the same size, check and make sure that there is no impassable terrain (water, cliffs, etc.) that would fall into the objective area. That's the one limitation - objectives cannot have any impassable terrain within them. If you're trying to put an objective close to water, for example - try moving it a couple of squares further away from the water and see if it works.
By the same token - you also cannot put objectives too close to the edge of a setup area or map edge. If it's not working - move it a bit further from the edge and see if it sets up.

Hope that helps!

exsonic01 -> RE: How to Move and Place Objectives? (11/8/2019 6:16:23 PM)

In scenario design mode, you can fine tune the location of VP and name of VP.

Werewolf13 -> RE: How to Move and Place Objectives? (11/8/2019 7:24:32 PM)

Thanks -Subsim.

You nailed it. I was changing the objective type and that is why I couldn't place the objectives where I wanted them to be.

And I didn't know about clearing all of them 1st. I would delete the one I didn't like and try to place it where I wanted it. That and the combination of not paying attention to the terrain type of location I was placing the objective in was the issue.

Again, Thanks, Man!


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