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exsonic01 -> Any plan about US Marine? (11/7/2019 7:46:38 PM)

I think it might be possible to include US Marine units in US faction. I have no data about all equipment and weapons of US marines from 1965 to 1991, so I'm not sure how many will be there, but this wouldn't be too much difficult, isn't it?

M1A1 HC was supplied to US Marine from 1990.
But the amount of how many M1A1HCs were supplied to US Marine Corps is not clear. If M1A1 HC is included in AB, this should be only available from 1991, and should be very expensive. But I think it might be OK to exclude M1A1 HC, as we already saw Marine Corps only used M60A1 with ERA during Gulf War.

nikolas93TS -> RE: Any plan about US Marine? (11/11/2019 5:43:23 PM)

Actually, we planned to have US Marines as separate faction for few years already, but they are low priority. They have all the equipment needed for conducting independent fighting, and could use some unique units like M103 heavy tank, Ontos, USN aircraft etc. Soviet naval and airborne equivalents, on the other hand, seem to struggle to provide “independent” TO&E.

There are some issues as well, primarily the use of large-capacity transports like AAVP-7 and also large squads not perfectly suitable for AB mechanics.

exsonic01 -> RE: Any plan about US Marine? (11/11/2019 9:32:36 PM)

Thanks to share the story. I agree USMC will be interesting faction. Maybe VDV can be a separate USSR faction? But I'm not sure, you should have better idea than me regarding this issue. Well, let's see, someday I wish to see USMC in this game, and it would be not only me. Thank you anyway.

CCIP-subsim -> RE: Any plan about US Marine? (11/12/2019 12:05:14 AM)

The distinction between Soviet and American service branches is totally fair - I have no real qualms about the way it's modeled! They're just two very different doctrines and models of command and procurement. The simplest explanation is that the US economy can afford to have multiple services with separate equipment standards and requirements (which have remained despite all efforts to unify and standardize them) - and the Soviet economy never could. Rather than truly different services, the Soviet branches like airborne are best looked at as special-purpose units within a common system.
I kind of had some similar thoughts when working on the Chechnya mod - initially, I was considering separating Russian Army, Airborne, and Interior troops. There are some differences between them - only the airborne forces use BMDs, and for example only the interior troops were using T-62s in that conflict.
But after mulling over it, I realized that it wasn't a good depiction of how they actually operated. Because ultimately, the Russian/Soviet approach treats them as pieces of the same machine. One reason for this is that the Soviet approach has always been (by necessity) top-heavy - with high-level, central officers, high commands, and their staffs always overruling lower-level commanders on the ground - and political nomenclature overruling military rank. So, whatever branches there were - didn't really matter, since they would have very little independence in practice.

As for the USMC - well, look on the positive side, it'd make a great package with a DLC that could introduce amphibious features [:)]

CSO_Talorgan -> RE: Any plan about US Marine? (10/4/2020 8:38:59 PM)



look on the positive side, it'd make a great package with a DLC that could introduce amphibious features [:)]


I'll drink to that!

noonanda -> RE: Any plan about US Marine? (12/25/2020 6:05:41 PM)

Necropost, but I can help with the OOB for the Marine Corps, considering I an a Retired Jarhead myself. The only think I cant currently do is do the sprites. The big one would be giving the USMC AMTRACS and LAVs. Armor would be the same and infantry capablities would be similar. Artillery up until 91 was either towed or SP guns just like the Army. Capabilities after 1991 are easy too ( I joined in 1993)

Let me know if there is Any interest in this, Id love to build them as a Faction

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