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tyronec -> AI thoughts. (11/5/2019 6:14:44 AM)

This comes from my game as Axis against AI on hardest settings.

1. Forming solid lines. This is the biggest issue, the AI consistently failed to form a solid front line of units.
In France was able to pocket a couple of units left exposed and after that the defence began to crumble.
In USSR it would form up in clumps or partial double lines, allowing units to be pocketed and destroyed.
When the Allies invaded in Spain they sent units off advancing on their own that were easy to cut off and destroy.
If the human player needed to break up the front line with combat and then pocket units that would be a good challenge, if they can surround units without combat then that is too easy.

2. When Axis had taken Turkey the Soviets didn't move any units down to defend the mountains, so when the invasion struck the oil was lost without any significant combat.

3. Naval war. I was able to wipe out the UK merchant fleet with subs and the Italians. The Royal Navy never reacted to take them out. As far as I can see the UK didn't build replacement merchants or escorts.

I have some saves if you want to look at them.

basilstaghare -> RE: AI thoughts. (11/5/2019 7:51:44 AM)

Agree that the AI needs some work. In my game, the Soviets failed to defend the Caucasus and the Axis was able to roll in from the Middle East unopposed....also experienced the lack of a cohesive line...just needs some tweaking...

Edit: I will say my experience was based on 1.0...starting a second game with the latest patch....

Worg64 -> RE: AI thoughts. (11/5/2019 8:43:14 AM)

The AI is currently less than ok, much can be improved and I am sure in good time it will be. That said I really enjoy this game and will continue to support it. You are doing a great job Alvaro and it keeps getting better all the time.

AI issues I have noticed during my games.

when making DOW, the AI do that sometimes even if they cant properly invade the country, like denmark, vichy and yogoslavia comes to mind. It need to be some algoritm here when they will DOW.
Units placement and weather need to be accounted for so the invasion gets a good start.

Current main problem with the AI now is that its units move around a lot before attacking and very often not to a better hex, it just waste much of their operational points and a lot of organisation and most often than not they dont gain any with this.

Is it possible to maybe include more specifik stages attack-move-attack-move etc where the AI look for weak targets each stage and move less each move stage?
A pre stage of bombing concentrating on weak targets and objectives would be good as well.

Also the AI dont move to all the hexes around target often enough when possible to get better odds, making the AI often have worse oddes compared what was possible.

Axis dont concentrate on key objectives. Like Paris, Warsaw, Belgrad, Kiev, Moscow etc etc, instead they try to get as much terrain as possible and just attack the weak units that are made speed bumps.
In my last game the AI had three tank corps around Paris and air bombers but choose to move away and attack units on the flank instead. It seems they often attack once but not more on cities.
I have also seen the AI leave a objective like tobruk after taking it and then made it possible for opponent to take it back easily.

The AI often leave the HQ far behind the front lines or have to many HQ instead around a specifik area. Maybe some algoritm that HQ avoid if possible to be be close within 5 hexes from other HQ and as close as possible to front line but behind them?

The AI dont use its air on concentrating on hexes it are to attack or on objectives to soften them down.

After its turn the AI often dont care to keep a solid line when possible something that make it vulnarable to counterattack and being outflanked.

The AI is currently very poor at defending key objectives, I have seen it leave Berlin and Rostov empty for a example.
Also main priority should be defending its home country if it get attacked but as of now if the home country do get attacked it very much defend it as just any land it has.
Here I would want to see the AI bring home troops and do its best to throw the invaders out of its homecountry.

The AI is also poor at keeping a solid line and a depth to its defences when possible.

Maybe a algoritm or stage here where the AI should defend/garriosson key objectives if enemies within 11 hexes or similiar? Or have the AI get Garrisson units on specifik key objectives/cities if the enemy come within 11 hexes?

That said making a good AI in a demanding game like war plan will take some time and problary never be as good as a decent human but I have confidence it will be good in the end.[:)]

basilstaghare -> RE: AI thoughts. (11/5/2019 9:33:02 AM)



...much can be improved and I am sure in good time it will be. That said I really enjoy this game and will continue to support it. You are doing a great job Alvaro and it keeps getting better all the time.

Agree 110%....this is the game I have waited along time to see made...

AlvaroSousa -> RE: AI thoughts. (11/5/2019 1:19:19 PM)

A.I. is always being improved.

george420 -> RE: AI thoughts. (11/5/2019 4:29:40 PM)

When IBM built "Big Blue" it had a whole team and only 16 pieces per side to worry about. You are alone with quite a few more. This will be a work in progress for a while, good luck, we're all rooting for you.

Worg64 -> RE: AI thoughts. (11/5/2019 4:34:54 PM)


ORIGINAL: Alvaro Sousa

A.I. is always being improved.

We know you do a great job in this! Keep it up!
I just wanted to give you my opionions and then you do what you think are best.[:)]

AlvaroSousa -> RE: AI thoughts. (11/5/2019 9:15:14 PM)

Thanks. All suggestions and ideas help.

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