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VSente -> Question about the weather (11/4/2019 7:43:46 AM)

In the last games I have played since the last update I get the feeling that there are more bad weather turns.

When I invaded the USSR in June 41 I only had 3 turns of good weather. In September it began to rain on the north front, and in October in the center and south. This fact continued with rain and snow until March 42, therefore I could not use air force with the consequent difficulty to move forward and take key cities.

In China there are also periods of more than six turns of bad weather in a row.

Has something changed or I'm just having bad luck [&:]??

BillRunacre -> RE: Question about the weather (11/4/2019 3:12:36 PM)

I've not made the weather any worse, so it must have just been bad luck.

If there are any areas of the map that have consistently too much bad weather from game to game then I'm happy to consider changes.

VSente -> RE: Question about the weather (11/4/2019 3:19:01 PM)

Thanks for the answer.

I have started a new game and I will look to the weather.

Captjohn757 -> RE: Question about the weather (11/5/2019 1:50:05 AM)

It's possible to obtain the actual daily and weekly weather reports from the European theater (Greenland, Iceland, Scandinavia, Europe and North Africa) and Pacific from 1939-1945 (although the Russians haven't been too keen on posting similar data). Incorporating this kind of data into the game would provide ultra-realistic weather, though it may be a nightmare to correlate everything with the right regions and right dates in the game weather engine. On the other hand, a little bit of unpredictability and randomness doesn't hurt.

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