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AKar -> Question on Electronically Scanned Radars (11/2/2019 3:11:45 PM)

Hello all,

I've recently been playing few scenarios that include some modern toys, such as F-35. As expected, their modern radars can give excellent picture of the situation as they scan wide sector and have good detection capabilities.

Now, my question is that does CMANO/CMO model any penalty to PESA/AESA over mechanically scanned ones in detection range when the target is off-axis? I haven't done any controlled tests, but it appears that this is not simulated, giving some undue advantage to electronically scanned radars.

Physical reasoning is the loss of effective radar aperture when the beam is formed off-axis, a simple geometric problem and known downside of radars that are scanned only electronically.

Dimitris -> RE: Question on Electronically Scanned Radars (11/2/2019 3:50:46 PM)


We are aware of this limitation and are trying to come up with a workable way to display the modified search arc resulting from this factor. It is very much on our minds.

AKar -> RE: Question on Electronically Scanned Radars (11/2/2019 4:06:03 PM)

Thanks for response, Dimitris! Good to hear you are considering such details!

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