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conrad44 -> Production question (10/31/2019 9:17:08 PM)

My build units are not deploying ? Suggestions.

Zovs -> RE: Production question (10/31/2019 11:00:39 PM)

You have to Left click to deploy after you select a unit in the deployment screen and then click Deploy button.

Probably a better way to write that.

conrad44 -> RE: Production question (11/1/2019 12:01:25 AM)

Thanks for the reply. I have a unit in the Deployment screen its scheduled for January 1940. I've clicked on the unit nothing happens, it does not deploy. In the next turn the unit is no longer present. Need more of a nudge to get this right.

Zovs -> RE: Production question (11/1/2019 1:23:28 AM)

Hard to tell without a screen shot, never had an issue deploying units, when they are available the button on the menu lights up, when you click it a deploy button on the bottom is shown, click that and then the map lights up green hexes to deploy the unit and a left click places it.

AlvaroSousa -> RE: Production question (11/1/2019 2:24:17 AM)

Unit says ready to deploy...

Click deploy button.
Green locations show up for where you can deploy.
Left click a location to deploy.

Which unit is it for which country?

conrad44 -> RE: Production question (11/1/2019 2:06:37 PM)

No units showing "unit ready to deploy" no green deploy locations showing. Refer to previous post "Upcoming builds disappear" cgoldfarb

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