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sven6345789 -> CMO icon style (10/30/2019 11:39:44 AM)

This time around, the default icon style is “Directional Stylized” (the pro version retains the NTDS + NATO APP-6 as default), to aid players not familiar with military symbology

How do i change the Icon style. I am used to the NATO style now.

how do you change it in CMANO?

never thought about it. [:)]

Schr75 -> RE: CMO icon style (10/30/2019 8:27:10 PM)

Hi sven

In the game menu, select game options. Under the map display tab you can select icon style.


sven6345789 -> RE: CMO icon style (11/2/2019 5:27:17 PM)

ah, thanks!

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