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terry1040 -> Luftwaffe Campaign 1940-Effects of Bombs (10/29/2019 10:37:18 AM)

Hi guys,

I just started a Battle of Britain 1940 Luftwaffe full campaign.

While looking at the Luftwaffe bomb carrying planes, I noticed that they use very different bomb loadouts (by type and also for normal/extended range).


Is there anything known about the effects?
I understand that the BSK 36 ICN Cluster bomb is of the incendiary type. Let's ignore these for now.

But what about the Standard GP bombs?
A 50Kg bomb is probably less effective then a 250kg bomb. But how is this simulated in the game?
Is the effect of 50kg about 20% of 250kg? Most probably this is not linear and even less effective.
But more light bombs will most likely have an overall higher chance to hit then just dropping 1 single big bomb.

If so, would it be better to send the He 111H-4 with a standard loadout of 8x250kg = 2000kg or the Ju 88A-5 with 8x50kg + 2x250kg + 2x500kg = 1900kg?

And from a target perspective, are there different armor levels simulated? I would assume that a Radar station is more fragile than a steel factory. Do we know anything about the armor levels of the targets?

Thanks for sharing your wisdom.


warshipbuilder -> RE: Luftwaffe Campaign 1940-Effects of Bombs (10/30/2019 3:00:30 AM)

Here are the effective rates of the LW bombs in ED. Below that is the Allied bombs for BTR. Take from it what you will.

50kg GP Bomb 175
100kg GP Bomb 275
250kg GP Bomb 750
500kg GP Bomb 1400
1000kg GP Bomb 3000

100 lb Bomb 125
250 lb Bomb 300
500 lb Bomb 550
1000 lb Bomb 1100
2000 lb Bomb 2250
4000 lb Bomb 5000

terry1040 -> RE: Luftwaffe Campaign 1940-Effects of Bombs (11/1/2019 9:05:48 AM)

Thanks for the reply and the hint towards additional data from the Excel-Editor.

In there I found some other data (accuracy) and calculated the Bomb Efficiency (effect*accuracy).


In combination with the plane loadouts (normal / extended range) I then calculated the bomb value per plane:


The He 111H-4 seems to be on par with the Ju 88A-5 at normal range.
In case one would have to go for long-range, the He 111H-4 seems to be a good work horse, but actually it's LR Radius is lower than the normal radius of the Ju 88A-5. So for any target within He 111H-4 LR radius (441nm-483nm), if possible better use the Ju 88A-5 for twice the bomb value.

Two more remarks:
The Bf 110D-0/B of ErprGr 210 also delivers quite a punch.
And the Ju 87B-2 seems to be effective only vs. lighter targets (i.e. Radars). For everything else, one would probably only consider the Level bombers.

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