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Xsillione -> Finland Reenters the War (10/28/2019 11:39:56 AM)

Near the German collapse and surrender (Playing as Japan, so Germany and Italy under AI control), the Fins made armistice with the SU as history dictates, but in the next turn, Finland joined the Axis and re-entered the war, just a turn before the German Surrender, so now Finland is almost the last member of the German Axis. Not played more to see whether they will make peace with SU again or not.

Not seems to be a logical steps of events.

BillRunacre -> RE: Finland Reenters the War (10/28/2019 3:08:25 PM)

Are there still German (or other Axis) units in or near the Baltic States or Leningrad?

Xsillione -> RE: Finland Reenters the War (10/28/2019 3:56:48 PM)

There was two Swedesh units north of Leningrad in an out of supply pocket. They got cleared quite fast, but was there for a turn or maybe two.

BillRunacre -> RE: Finland Reenters the War (10/29/2019 2:25:29 PM)

Thanks, that helps as it means my idea for why it happened is probably correct. I've got an idea for a solution, it may not be foolproof but it should reduce the chance of this happening in future. [:)]

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