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Michael T -> Victory Points (10/28/2019 1:55:10 AM)

Is there some way to ascertain the victory point worth of objectives?

AlvaroSousa -> RE: Victory Points (10/28/2019 3:20:55 AM)

1 point each turn you hold it. The victory system is another new way to calculate victory. I have seen too many boring WW2 games where the Axis just do a sitzkreig. They take key objectives to victory then to economy of force and proceed to fill out their force pool creating a slugfest for the Allies in which they can't beat them down or it is a chore to beat them down.

With this system you need to take more relative objectives than your opponent then know when to go on the defensive if you can't win outright. Most games should go to 1945 when the sides are equal without blowouts. A game to 1945 is the most fun for both players. The Axis get to beat up people, then hold the Allies off. The Allies get to hold off the Axis then beat them up.

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