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Searry -> More PBEM scenarios for Southern Storm? (10/27/2019 7:21:41 PM)

Any plans to design more than the FC amount of PBEM scenarios for SS?
I know most players are single players but there's a community who use SP for just learning the game.

CapnDarwin -> RE: More PBEM scenarios for Southern Storm? (10/27/2019 9:11:13 PM)

We are more focused I'll say on the single-player since that is the lion's share of players, but each scenario in the new game engine should be PBEM/Multiplayer playable. We are also hoping to make the scenario editor a bit user-friendly to allow for more scenarios and variants to be worked out by the player base. We will be able to talk more about things in a couple of months as we get into a beta phase and can talk more about new features and their impact on scenarios. [8D]

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