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sol_invictus -> Capturing Cairo (10/26/2019 4:07:08 AM)

Tonight I had the Italians make a run for Syria right after France accepted peace. Captured Beirut and then landed a German Panzer Korp. Captured Damascus and made a run for Cairo and captured it. Expected Iraq to join the Axis and waited several turns. Even captured Alexandria just for good measure but Iraq still didn't join the Axis. Has that been changed from the initial conditions screen for nations entering the war? All it did was speed The United States' preparation for war!

AlvaroSousa -> RE: Capturing Cairo (10/26/2019 1:58:51 PM)

They should have joined. I will run a test on my end.

If you like post the save game file here and I will load it up and take a look.

Also specify the scenario

sol_invictus -> RE: Capturing Cairo (10/26/2019 2:11:31 PM)

Thanks for the quick reply. I was playing the 1939 scenario. Unfortunately I was simply playing to try out some strategies and it was late at night and I shut the game down without saving.

sol_invictus -> RE: Capturing Cairo (10/26/2019 2:48:56 PM)

I did find the autosave file. Not sure how to add it to a post.

I tried to upload the file but it says it is too large even while zipped.

Fintilgin -> RE: Capturing Cairo (10/26/2019 5:24:37 PM)

Similar issue. Took Cairo with Italy in 1939 scenario and Iraq never joined.

toddtreadway -> RE: Capturing Cairo (10/26/2019 7:10:00 PM)

Question about supply:

I captured Cairo as Italy. It seems to act as a supply source for me. The rule says any urban hex with production in a home country hex that is owned and controlled by a country that has not surrendered is a supply source. It seems odd I should have a supply level of 9 in Cairo as Italy, especially when I can't trace an easy supply route to even another city.


AlvaroSousa -> RE: Capturing Cairo (10/26/2019 7:50:16 PM)

The supply map level comes from the port you control in the Red Sea. It's a map level 9 but your stockpile is low due to the small port size.

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