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AndrewKurtz -> Option for Save Location (10/25/2019 5:14:02 PM)

I'd like to see an option for where to save games (specifically, hotseat and v AI). Objective would be to have it point to a folder on my OneDrive so I could easily share a save between my desktop and laptop systems.

Alvaro Sousa -> RE: Option for Save Location (10/25/2019 7:08:43 PM)

I'll put it on my list. There are always admin issues with that BTW.

As is the location can be found at ....

C:\Users\"your user name"\Documents\My Games\WarPlan\SavedGames\

juntoalmar -> RE: Option for Save Location (10/26/2019 8:02:24 AM)

True, and for PBEM games, I tend to use a shared Dropbox folder to share the files (creates less clutter of emails). So I usually leave the game opening and saving the gamefiles directly into the Dropbox folder.

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