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Whicker -> Strike missions for AI (10/24/2019 6:05:11 AM)

Trying to understand strike missions, primarily from the AI side. this is for Naval ASuW strike.

I have a large naval force coming at the AI. The AI has a LOT of AC with bombs and torpedoes... I have all AC on a single strike mission, with the max flights to attack set to 6, and only a max distance set (100 miles say). No targets though.

What I want to happen is that when they see a group of enemy ships coming they go attack it. And if there are 4 different groups they go attack all 4 - assuming they are within distance. I have plenty of AC to support attacking multiple different groups.

What seems to be happening is the AI launches 6 flights at one target and then while those AC are in the air nothing else happens. Apparently it is 1 mission, and only one mission can go at a time.
So I made 3 more strike missions, same settings.. seemed like this would help, but those missions all targeted the same unit as the first strike -so 4 sets of 6 AC all headed to the same target, and that target was not the biggest nor the closest. Once that target finally died anything in the air did get redirected to the next target so this did sort of accomplish what I wanted. But a lot of AC went after a single destroyer while going past BB's and carriers and other ships.

I feel like I almost see what it happening, but it seems a little off in that the target choice was the same for all missions, even though there were other units to attack that were closer. Some AC were at different bases, I was expecting the other bases to launch at other units.

it would be helpful if you could put certain units in the target list even though they are not visible. So I could have a strike for BB's, another for Carriers, another for Cruisers etc. Not sure that would be the best approach though, was really hoping they would go after units that were closest, and that if one mission was targeting a unit then that unit would not be targeted by the next mission.

I wonder if the same thing happens for an AAW strike - I have always assumed I could have one strike mission with a lot of planes attached to it and they would keep launching at new enemy units that come with in range. But now I am thinking maybe once one mission is launched nothing else will happen until they land?

Should I be making more than one strike mission if I expect more than one thing to trigger it at the same time?

DWReese -> RE: Strike missions for AI (10/24/2019 4:26:03 PM)

I have played around with this, and I have had the same results.

In my opinion, the AI could use a little assistance---such as manipulation. When programming these attacks to happen, it is almost better to have multiple missions, each with just a few potential targets. You can order the attacks so that they go after the top target first. One trick that I learned is to put the lowest priority target at the end of multiple missions. In this case, one mission may never attack, but another might. That way they do eventually get to it.

The AI is NOT perfect. It can be persuaded/tricked/manipulated into doing what you want it to do in several different ways. Some are better methods than others, and it seems to depend on each scenario. So, you have to test and test again in order to make sure that it does what you want.

For example, I set up a SEAD Patrol mission. It worked fine in one scenario, but doing the same thing in another scenario didn't seem to work as well. In the scenario that it didn't work so well, I replaced the SEAD Patrol with a one-time Support Mission, using the same a/c and load out. This time, the Support a/c attacked the target the way that I thought that it should. So, my point is, the game is so complex that things don't always work the same because the circumstances are different each time. So, if one method doesn't work well, try another.

With regard to your question, I enjoy using multiple missions. I use small numbers of attackers and targets. I do believe that in real life, pilots are probably assigned to a specific target, while others are assigned to other targets. If that's the case, then multiple missions makes perfectly good sense, even though it is more time consuming to do so.

Good luck.


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