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Andy Mac -> New Bases (10/23/2019 12:20:24 PM)

Last call for any new bases folks want added before I close down the AI re write

Scen21 has all of the current new bases and dots I have added if anyone wants a particular base or dot added let me know where and why and if I can I will incorporate it

Eg if there is a rail line to nowhere that has always pissed you off or a key location that you believe was missed let me know before I close down this cycle of AI development

Yaab -> RE: New Bases (10/23/2019 12:49:05 PM)

Fort Hertz in Burma

Lhasa connected by Tea Horse Road to Sichuan and Yunnan. The would require adding the Tea-Horse Road as a track in the game.

Kull -> RE: New Bases (10/23/2019 1:39:29 PM)

A base at 63,45 (Wan-ting) would be a good place for your Burmese AI to leave a garrison unit which could hunker down and block incursions from Paoshan. I found that the AI - in it's enthusiasm to reach Myitkina - left an easy-to-exploit back door that made it all too easy to sneak in and grab Lashio and the other nearby dot bases.

Before making other recommendations for China, do you agree that the "Tactical AI" (i.e. not scripted) does a better job of handling offense and defense in regions where the bases have no more than 1 empty hex between them? My impression is "yes", but as the AI guy you would know better. If so, there's a small number of locations where the addition of a single base would link up Chinese regions that otherwise will never be mutually supporting. For example, the BigB mod has a base at 93,46 (Meng Yin) which effectively links Suchow, Tsinan and several of the otherwise isolated Shantung bases.

moonraker65 -> RE: New Bases (10/23/2019 6:34:47 PM)

Mogaung between Mandalay and Mitkyina along the railway line was an important communications centre for the Japanese. Was the scene of a 3 week battle during Operation Thursday

Andy Mac -> RE: New Bases (10/23/2019 7:16:58 PM)

Fort Herz is already there

Cannot add new roads so will probably pass on Lhasa

Kull Wan-Ting good idea I will investigate

Re China I think I have added enough to slow the pace down if there are any you are desperate for I will add them but China probably not top of the list tbh

Mogaung is a good shout

Yaab -> RE: New Bases (10/23/2019 7:53:33 PM)

Damn, you are right - Fort Hertz is already there, but it is in... India? [X(]

LargeSlowTarget -> RE: New Bases (10/24/2019 12:37:02 PM)

You may want to add a base at 58/45 west of Shwebo, called Monywa after the district capital - the hex has a rail line to nowhere.

I also believe some bases are oversized. For example, neither Kohima nor Imphal possessed any airfields in Dec 1941.

Andy Mac -> RE: New Bases (10/25/2019 6:00:39 PM)

Assembling a list thanks

JeffroK -> RE: New Bases (10/25/2019 8:38:21 PM)

Norfolk Island - Should start as a 0,0 port and 0,1 airfield. They still havent built a port and all shipping uses lighters to ferry ashore. There wasnt an airfield until WW2 and it took a lot of earthworks to complete one, building to a 4 max seems OK.

Lord Howe Island. Should start as a 0,1 port and a 0,0 airfield. It had a sheltered anchorage which could have been developed further and provides a seaplane base. The airfield was only built in 1974 by the RAE, the terrain on the island may have made building a field beyond WW2 tech.

PaxMondo -> RE: New Bases (10/25/2019 9:06:08 PM)

Some names need to be re-typed in because the appear to have been copy/pasted with esc code imbedded.

French Frigate Shoals
Semisopochnoi Island

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