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Jack59 -> Port Safety? (10/22/2019 3:04:38 AM)

Is there any safety for a naval unit in a port from enemy naval surface units? It is hard for the Russian Navy to resupply since they only have one port. I think War in Europe ports were safe havens till bombardment rendered them less useful.

BillRunacre -> RE: Port Safety? (10/23/2019 3:21:54 PM)

The ports themselves should have the same settings in both games, so perhaps it's more of a situational issue?

Jack59 -> RE: Port Safety? (10/26/2019 12:06:11 AM)

The port in question was Tallinn and I had navel units and 2 subs blocking the gulf of Finland while destroyers were out hunting the Russian sub in the Baltic. Maybe I reduced the port values while my Navy was sitting there. The Russian destroyer and battleship moved in or near Tallinn and were sunk though my battleships and cruisers took a licking. The Russian submarine was down to a strength of 1 and was attacked in the North Baltic, It dove but didn't appear to have come back and I did see a -1 as it dove. It is not loss list, but it has not been seen since and I had it boxed in so it would have to have passed underneath two destroyers.

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