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headcount_slith -> Two bugs for the price of one (10/21/2019 10:56:43 AM)

The attached Kasserine Pass savegame shows* two issues - a seemingly never-ending melee between a separated US grunt and a German scout on the ridge, and a US AT gun that's firing according to the GUI but is actually stuck in some sort of targeting loop (the barrel constantly quivers and no shot is fired).

I'm playing the 1.02 beta.

* Actually it's useless. Both issues vanish when the savegame loads.

headcount_slith -> RE: Two bugs for the price of one (10/21/2019 11:33:02 AM)

Screenshots taken while the incidents were occurring:


headcount_slith -> RE: Two bugs for the price of one (10/21/2019 7:19:58 PM)

The AT gun 'firing'-but-not-firing bug is very easy to reproduce. Play Kasserine Pass (single battle) as US, select a couple of 37mm AT guns. Leave all units in default positions except one AT gun which should be placed behind small ridge in screenshot (NNE of Kasserine Pass VL). Start game and hunt AT gun forward so that it has LOS to German AFVs. It usually (always?) tries to engage the pictured HT resulting in the quivering barrel phenomenon.

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