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sschnar1 -> Kamikazes (10/21/2019 1:46:35 AM)

Version: 1.05.01
Player: Allies
AI: Axis
Date: April 21 1944

This is the first version I have played where the Kamikazes were not eliminated after they Attack.

I am currently watching the 2nd Kamikazes at Aparri in the Philippines.
I noticed it 2 turns ago and have verified that the same unit is present after doing its attack each turn.

Could you please investigate this?


Hubert Cater -> RE: Kamikazes (10/21/2019 12:55:29 PM)

I've just tested it and the Kamikaze unit self destroys as expected during a combat, perhaps it was a second set that arrived in the Philippines?

sschnar1 -> RE: Kamikazes (10/21/2019 6:00:47 PM)

I went back on my game files, found a saved file with the situation.

I ran the game turn and found 3 different results vs the submarine adjacent to Aparri.

They are:
1) Could not tell who attacked the Submarine,
2) Kamikaze was Destroyed after its attack,
3) Kamikaze still around after its attack.

Is it possible that if the submarine retreats, the Kamikaze does not self destroy because it did not actually make an attack?


Hubert Cater -> RE: Kamikazes (10/22/2019 3:47:25 PM)

Yes, that was the issue whereby a Kamikaze would not be removed/destroyed if a sub dove from an attack.

Consider this fixed for the next update and thanks for the detailed analysis.


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