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Rasputitsa -> Unit Freeze (note for 3.06) (10/20/2019 8:15:26 PM)

I am just finishing the game which is the subject of the posted 3.05 AAR.

I am experiencing the 'unit freeze' event that others have reported on the forum, although this is the first time that I have experienced it on this scale.


The ringed hex contains 20 units (see indicated Stack Number), comprising three French corps, one of which is LANNES and ONE Austrian unit (Lindenau), which is the remains of Austrian units trapped and destroyed here.

The 19 French units have now been here for several turns and despite 'forced march' orders have not moved. See LANNES' info panel for the orders which are not being enacted.

ALL French units are in good condition, but they will neither attack Lindenau, nor move on, but are held fixed by one enemy unit.

It's not a big problem in this game which is essentially over, but could be a killer earlier in a scenario.

I have the game saves available and it was a great scenario, which I still expect to win. [8D]

Edit : I tried to get units moving separately by detaching and giving separate orders, but they still would not move. I played on over several game turns, but no change, except that, despite no indications of combat, one of the French unit commanders (Tharreau) was reported as in hospital wounded, so something is happening, but no movement.

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