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Saturnian -> RE: Request\Wish list (5/15/2020 6:52:04 AM)


There's a few bugs still hanging around too. In Normandy if you draw or lose a map with days still remaining in the operation it consistently ends the campaign for me.

I'm still noticing that after the last update. I hope that is fixed soon.

I would like a much more streamlined mechanics for the battle end conditions as well. Often I will hold back an enemy advance on the first map and it says the battle is an enemy victory and my reputation suffers, when really I did very well, considering the difficulty level. It just feels clunky and not really true to the reality of the situation. I never take the end conditions seriously. Then the icing on the cake will be that the campaign just magically ends, with days left. Just when I was making progress. Just happened to me in the Tunisia campaign.

Another thing that annoys me is when I have a vehicle that is damaged, or even so much as a crew member gets wounded, I can lose that vehicle for the rest of the operation. This doesn't seem right to me. You'll know that pain when playing on highest difficulty. When even so much as a little damage happens, it can be just as bad as the weapon being destroyed. When it happens you just know you won't see it again once the battle ends. So if any little thing happens to that ONE tank you got, it's finished for good. It doesn't feel fair. It's a freaking tank. It is mobile, the gun still works, the crew is intact, so send it back into action! That's why it was made! I need it!

SgtShultz2 -> RE: Request\Wish list (6/6/2020 8:25:50 PM)

In the list of units seen in the upper left-hand corner, I'd like them to be arranged by type, and not in just a jumbled mess.

For the game lobby, I'd like a tone to go off when somebody enters the lobby. And a different tone to go off when somebody enters my game. I'm tired of haveing to stare at the lobby screen waiting for an opponent to show up, but I will hear a tone going off.

Duck Doc -> RE: Request\Wish list (6/22/2020 3:07:31 PM)

How many of the suggested improvements have actually been implemented?

Particularly concerned about the German MG ambush issue.


conrad44 -> RE: Request\Wish list (6/23/2020 1:36:59 PM)

Get rid of the annoying "Were doomed", "I can't take this anymore". Was the voice overs made for 12 year old's.

CSO_Talorgan -> RE: Request\Wish list (6/24/2020 9:34:55 PM)


ORIGINAL: kweniston

Stategic map. At least make it optional for experienced/hardcore players. Leaving it out is an undue simplification for many, at least for me. Waiting for implementation/announcement before buying.


mukiblejlok -> RE: Request\Wish list (7/24/2020 7:12:59 AM)

mods mods, we need more mods :)

KnightWolf1000 -> RE: Request\Wish list (7/29/2020 2:06:58 AM)

Any chance of ever seeing in this game the possibility of creating campaigns in some
sort or way without having to be a programmer? ie: Like we all used to be able to do ia ALL the previous versions? ... and if so, when?

Nomada_Firefox -> RE: Request\Wish list (7/29/2020 8:33:58 AM)


ORIGINAL: KnightWolf1000

Any chance of ever seeing in this game the possibility of creating campaigns in some
sort or way without having to be a programmer? ie: Like we all used to be able to do ia ALL the previous versions? ... and if so, when?

You do not need be a programmer.

happyanger -> RE: Request\Wish list (8/14/2020 9:59:51 PM)

I Have never posted before but here goes.
I have played almost all of the Close Combat games since the very first one, except for the Warhammer and what not. I don't know anything about coding and play in campaign mode, I don't play head to head or mod any of the games. I will try and propose 3 things I would like to see fixed perhaps and 3 things that I really like.
1) Fire and Maneuver, I'm an old Infantry Paratrooper and I get stuck on being able to suppress then maneuver, BAR Teams should be able to suppress say an enemy squad, while the lighter Infantry squad maneuvers to the flank or favorable terrain and closes with and destroys the target. It seems that no matter how much I try to suppress, two BAR teams + 30cal, the enemy always detects and kills the flanking unit, suppression should be keeping their heads down and unable to return accurate fire. Usually when pushing to an objective I just drop a crap ton of mortars and bum rush.
2) Ambush and Defense mode. I wish there was a setting you could use to set a distance and sector trigger, say if anyone approaches within 100m or 200m or so in this sector engage them, otherwise keep watch only, with Defense, most units just start blasting away at anything that moves, and in Ambush sometimes they hold until its too late and the enemy is right in their face.
3) Mortars, they are a bit overpowered in my opinion, mortars are used to suppress and kill but they mostly provide suppression, I have been under mortar attack a few times (Russian 82mm) and have used organic 60mm, although quite a scary (big crump) casualties were usually light, but when on the receiving end, you spend more time hugging the ground than scanning your sector.
Things that are good
1) The new engine is nice and the terrain is really nice. it was taxing on my old computer but i bought a new one just to play the Bloody First.
2) Campaign mode is also good in that I can go for a Hasty Attack, Planned Attack or wait till morning to launch.
3) The Graphics of the Vehicles and troops is very good and hope that you all keep that up.
My wishes
I used to like in the older games where I could build my own Core force, say a Stug or machine gun team and be able to carry them through the entire campaign, I know its not very historical but I enjoyed watching my boys grow as I progressed.
I would also perhaps like to see something on the Russian Front, the heroics and ferocity on both sides is the epitome of WW2.
I know there was the "Russian Front" and then a remake of the same one. (I have Both) but there are so many varying terrain types and battles it would be nice to give it a go.
Sorry if long winded but I am glad you all are keeping the Close Combat series not only alive but going strong. Thank you for your time

ineffable -> RE: Request\Wish list (11/19/2020 5:53:36 PM)

I'd like the red cross casualty icons to 'float' up in front of unit icons. Oftentimes theyre partially or wholly obscured by the unit icons thus denying me the full dose of dopamine or adrenaline I deserve for the event.

ineffable -> RE: Request\Wish list (11/21/2020 1:10:17 PM)

Auto-pause battle when the Game System Menu is displayed. As is, the Resume button really just closes the menu as a battle in-progress will continue with the Game System Menu open.


ineffable -> RE: Request\Wish list (11/21/2020 1:14:18 PM)

The SetAllowedOrderUnit(#); function can be subverted by grouping a non-allowed unit with the allowed unit and issuing an order to both.

PipFromSlitherine -> RE: Request\Wish list (11/23/2020 4:18:49 PM)

Thanks for the report!



ineffable -> RE: Request\Wish list (12/1/2020 4:19:19 PM)

Any chance that the organization numerics can be shown on the Teams List? Possibly as an overlay like manpower count, to avoid the limitations of IDS_UNIT_NAME#. Difficult to keep track of specific teams and soldiers (eg. those with a skill award) w/o being able to easily correlate between the Soldiers screen, Force Selection Screen, Teams List, Soldiers List and the various soldiers & teams on the battle map.


VonVolks -> RE: Request\Wish list (1/3/2021 4:52:50 PM)

Good idea ineffable.... the lack of coordination between soldier screens makes things very confusing....

Troops shouting "we're doomed" etc is overdone..... Sure the odd total panic is good, but not constantly...

Had a "weird campaign finish" for no reason as reported above. It was last map of Tunisia campaign in GC... Tine Valley. I lost a decisive defeat, with 6 days of Operation left. But it said "operation over, moving on to Sicily"...

In terms of personal "wants" I would like 2nv level housing etc. Also I dont get why small guns cannot be placed inside buildings in a prepared defence?

Finally biggest issue being suffered as mentioned in tech support post is the "time Lag" difficulty in H2H play.... Its making H2H unplayable..... so I would like that to be comprehensively solved as it works sometimes and lags other times..... Its the reason I play CC, to PVP against my brother.

ineffable -> RE: Request\Wish list (1/3/2021 8:52:17 PM)

re: 'We're doomed!' -
Sounds better if you record yourself voicing three choice expletives and replace \Close Combat The Bloody First\Data\Sounds\Nation0\English\sound_117.wav;sound_118.wav;sound_119.wav

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