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wodin -> Request\Wish list (10/18/2019 10:28:26 AM)

Hello please post your wish\wants about future new features\enhancements to the game. Hopefully this will then be stickied.

Divadov -> RE: Request\Wish list (10/18/2019 4:19:49 PM)

Show the height of terrain in meters like olders versions.

Mogli -> RE: Request\Wish list (10/18/2019 4:39:06 PM)

I'd like to see the selected unit highlighted better. For instance, if you click on a unit from the unit List, Mini map, or text message, the selected unit is centered on the screen. However, in a crowd of units, it can be hard to discern which unit is selected.

RGWatson -> RE: Request\Wish list (10/18/2019 4:39:41 PM)

Good idea for my European friends but some here haven't adapted to the metric unit,,I have when talking to my M8's in Europe and report the temperature in Celsius and from the Military know what a meter is but some are behind the times

Mogli -> RE: Request\Wish list (10/18/2019 4:46:31 PM)

I'd like to see an option to differently label all units by default to show their squad designations when selected. For example: "BAR 1/2" and "Rifle 3/1". Right now, as far as I can tell, once force selection is done and game play starts, the only way to discern a unit is by memorizing soldiers' names? I know I can rename each unit individually but that is not fun.

WillKnott -> RE: Request\Wish list (10/18/2019 4:48:12 PM)

in Scenario Editor, ability to string a few maps together for an operation type scenario.

2 story buildings

justflank -> RE: Request\Wish list (10/18/2019 5:55:40 PM)

Maybe better bullet tracer colours. Red fur axis green for allies as I like to play with no hud or map and find it hard to identify enemy incoming

Divadov -> RE: Request\Wish list (10/18/2019 7:55:56 PM)



Good idea for my European friends but some here haven't adapted to the metric unit,,I have when talking to my M8's in Europe and report the temperature in Celsius and from the Military know what a meter is but some are behind the times

Would be an option to choose metric, inches, etc. but the goal is to have the height of terrain in the screen to see speedly if the unit is higher or lower than enemy.

RGWatson -> RE: Request\Wish list (10/18/2019 8:09:06 PM)

I agree with that and add I grasped the metric system years ago,,And still express distances in metric and nobody here knows how far something is..The term one click is foreign to them

Saturnian -> RE: Request\Wish list (10/19/2019 6:02:15 AM)

1) space bar or some equivalent should show the command radius of all units. much better than clicking units. command radius used to be colored, too. that is an essential feature.
2) be able to highlight individual soldiers. When I click on soldiers, the soldier monitor doesn't highlight their name.
3) soldiers don't surrender anymore?! I haven't seen a single soldier surrender. Bring that back.
4) Soldier animations are OK, but it would be nice if you could touch those up a bit. Also don't like that soldiers still walk through walls, despite 3d engine.
5) I agree about the squad designations mentioned above. I'd also like to keep the platoons intact. Maybe soldiers could also have morale boost if they are closer to their own Lieutenant or Sergeant?
6) ***With bigger maps it would make more sense if units surrounded by the enemy would be 'trapped' without reinforcements or supply until the player breaks through. Cannot deploy in that zone, cannot move troops out of that zone.
7) ***Scout and tank hunter units have deployment mode advantage and can deploy in gray zones (perhaps depending on length of ceasefire or at night?). This could work with #6 above. You may be able to reinforce encircled troops at night with light recon units.
8) ***ability to capture weapons dropped left by enemies if you occupy the location in subsequent battles. This would be particularly useful in desperate situation where the enemy encircles troops.
9)The innovation I am most impressed with is that your soldiers stay with you and even return. that's awesome. It would be nice to assemble my own squads, too, though. Like if I need to make a special recon of my best men. It would add an extra strategic layer, especially if there are missions in future releases that involve blowing up bridges or making river crossings(like with Market Garden). This adds to the realism, rather than takes away from it.

Bagpipe -> RE: Request\Wish list (10/19/2019 8:52:49 AM)

multi-storey buildings, they are of utmost strategic importance in ALL previous titles and must be implemented in my opinion

Angiel -> RE: Request\Wish list (10/19/2019 10:30:01 AM)


ORIGINAL: WillKnott_slith

in Scenario Editor, ability to string a few maps together for an operation type scenario.

2 story buildings

I agree.
2-storey buildings are very important.

kweniston -> RE: Request\Wish list (10/19/2019 4:38:41 PM)

Stategic map. At least make it optional for experienced/hardcore players. Leaving it out is an undue simplification for many, at least for me. Waiting for implementation/announcement before buying.

wodin -> RE: Request\Wish list (10/21/2019 9:51:06 PM)

I agree!

Also agree with bringing back surrendering troops.



multi-storey buildings, they are of utmost strategic importance in ALL previous titles and must be implemented in my opinion

mkwilson -> RE: Request\Wish list (10/22/2019 2:48:17 AM)

I'd like

1) control of the game save feature as it was in all previous editions (i.e. ability to 'save as', revert to previously saved versions of same operation / campaign).
2) an option in the difficulty settings that allows you to see the enemies force disposition in the set up screen (or at least to know whether there is any armor left in their pool)

prattaa -> RE: Request\Wish list (10/23/2019 12:07:53 PM)

+1 for surrenders, broken soldiers within 5m? of an enemy should surrender

Also, mortars firing blind are way too accurate. AT guns have no chance once revealed.

Saturnian -> RE: Request\Wish list (10/24/2019 1:25:55 AM)

please please, fix it so when I click on a soldier, it highlights the soldier in the team view.

Bagpipe -> RE: Request\Wish list (10/26/2019 10:32:58 PM)



I agree!

Also agree with bringing back surrendering troops.



multi-storey buildings, they are of utmost strategic importance in ALL previous titles and must be implemented in my opinion

I mean it IS in the manual - "...and tall buildings allow clear fields of fire over low-level obstructions."


Saturnian -> RE: Request\Wish list (10/27/2019 4:33:26 AM)

Playing the game, I actually do very much like what you have done with it. But some things are missing/overlooked. So I hope that whoever is in charge of paying you guys knows that you do have a great product with lots of potential. I really mean that, it is a great game and really emphasizes the need for leadership and experience on the battlefield. But to further emphasize that, more care needs to be taken in the roster mode, so you can intuitively know who is going into battle, and who is not. And if they are going into battle, are they decorated? highly experienced teams? It would be nice to differentiate between such teams!

Strategic Suggestions:
1. Command/Platoon roster you should know IMMEDIATELY what the leadership of each squad is, rather than having to go to the soldier monitor. This way you get a TOTAL VIEW of how many sergeants, Lieutenants, Captains or whatever equivalents, are going into battle.
2. And/or Hovering the mouse or clicking, it would make sense to show the soldier monitor or some equivalent. What weapon and rank of each soldier? I have gone into battle with a machine gun team that does not have a machine gun, so it would save time if I knew exactly what they are equipped with without needing a notepad.
3. It would be a nice touch to show the most decorated soldiers in said screen, or show the merits of that squad. If you have a good squad, you should know immediately that they are good and have a high-ranking commander. Even color coding this would help, so new, inexperienced teams are maybe RED and good teams are GREEN or vice versa.

Furthermore, in tactical gameplay, there are lots of little improvements which would make gameplay much more enjoyable:

Tactical Suggestions:
1. Make soldiers surrender again.
2. Soldiers run toward the enemy when broken, which just makes it a turkey shoot, where you and the enemy can lose a lot of men unrealistically. I think it would make sense to make them run toward the area with the greatest concentration of FRIENDLY troops or zones which, if the battle were to end, would be in THEIR occupied territory/deployment zones. For example, enemy will go toward "black" zones on the map, not toward your deployment zones. You should be able to easily program this and it would add greatly to the realism.
3. In old close combats, proximity to dead bodies either increased or decreased morale. if you don't already consider this, you should. Maybe keeping dead bodies in neutral zones will also add to the realism. You can add flies/colors in warm weather maps to differentiate old and new bodies.
4. You should be able to click on each soldier in a battle and know who they are. PLEASE FIX THIS!
5. In old Close Combats you had the command dots on the screen, showing move commands. You could click and drag these as you see fit. That made the experience much more simplistic. I haven't toyed with all the new option you have, but this seems to be missing.
6. More focus on historical accuracy of uniforms. I haven't quite gotten to France yet, but I did try out the single Normandy beach landing and saw the Germans were dressed in Africa Korps uniforms, which took away from the authenticity Close Combat prides itself on. So hopefully better care will be taken on accuracy of uniforms.
7. Be able to tell the difference between friendly and enemy kills. The "+" red cross is the same for friendly and enemy kills. Obviously this is counter-intuitive. Even a green +1 might be better for logging an enemy kill and a red -1 for a friendly kill.
8. The command radius needs to be quickly assessed for ALL UNITS. You used to be able to press spacebar to see a colored command radius for all units on the screen, at once. Adding this to the inset map would be an innovation not in previous version but also very useful.
9. Differentiate between broken units and intact units on the inset map, so you know which teams are actually fighting and which are rendered useless.
10. Soldiers don't seem to get stunned anymore?

I'm sure I forgot things or will come up with new things. But I think all my suggestions are both very simple and also quite valid, so hope they are given some thought.

They are such simple things, but can hugely affect the gameplay.

Divadov -> RE: Request\Wish list (10/27/2019 1:46:33 PM)

I agree with that.

I suggest to improve the deployment of units or the possibility to position each soldier; sometimes one soldier is placed in front of a wall without cover, instead that cover it rear the wall.

Saturnian -> RE: Request\Wish list (10/28/2019 7:00:32 AM)

More to add to the wishlist. I am playing in Sicily (the music is really good!) and I am just now realizing the problems with soldiers when indoors. If you have a Bazooka team, they don't move toward the windows for better shots. Soldiers need to be smarter when indoors. When you are in a tense moment and the guy can't even go to the window to make a shot, that is very aggravating, especially when your whole force is on the line and it is down to the last hour, ALL OR NOTHING! and the guy won't even move toward the freaking window, for crying out loud! And then he shoots INDOORS! Causing the projectile to blow up inside of the house!

OMG PLEASE FIX THIS!!! Soldiers need to be smarter and position themselves by windows. Or if anti-tank team detects a tank, just move over a few feet and take the easy shot! You are better off putting a Bazooka in an open field and hoping for a lucky shot, than depending on them inside of a building.

Soldiers need to exercise more independent will, because if you cannot micromanage individual soldiers(which I am fine with), then the soldiers have to do some thinking. ESPECIALLY anti-tank teams.

justflank -> RE: Request\Wish list (10/28/2019 4:07:49 PM)

It would be great if you had the option to build defences such as sand bags, anti tank defences, dig trenches and even lay minefields it would give the game a new dynamic

PipFromSlitherine -> RE: Request\Wish list (10/28/2019 9:56:23 PM)

Just a note that if you mouse over the end of a movement arrow for a moving unit you will see the dots, which can be clicked to then re-target the unit's movement.



Bivoj_MatrixForum -> RE: Request\Wish list (10/29/2019 5:39:09 PM)

After fixing all the bugs and gameplay issues: proper German campaign (like following the 15th Panzer/Panzergrenadier division in Afrika and in Italy)

CGGrognard -> RE: Request\Wish list (10/29/2019 9:38:09 PM)

After completing a campaign, it would be nice to have the gameplay results compared to the historical outcome. For example, there should be a brief on the outcome of the campaign (historically), much like the briefs provided at the start of a campaign. Also, it would be great to pull up a roster of every soldier that served, their accomplishments, wounds awards as well when the campaign ends. This could be compared to the historical outcome so we can judge, or have an algorithm decide if the player is worse, as good as, or better than the historical results.

sherlock1 -> RE: Request\Wish list (10/30/2019 11:22:09 PM)

Would like to see a different color for German units On my computer all units have the same green icons

PipFromSlitherine -> RE: Request\Wish list (10/31/2019 3:41:14 PM)


ORIGINAL: sherlock1

Would like to see a different color for German units On my computer all units have the same green icons

Can you post a screenshot, as the allied and axis units have differently coloured unit frames.



niki_belucci -> RE: Request\Wish list (11/4/2019 5:08:18 PM)

Quick win
- In Soldiers Overview after Battle change KIA icon to own icon (instead of red cross; e.g. KIA like in former titles). WHY: right now it looks like wounded, e.g. yellow = light wounded, red = severly wounded

A critical feature I`d like to see in the game
- Show ammunition levels on Force Selection screen: Critical ammunition (e.g. no ammo, low ammo) gets own icon, more details on different ammunition amount when hovering over unit). WHY: currently blackbox which units got resupplied and which not. Fielding mortars without ammunition when other mortar units are available is a pain

A nice to have feature I`d like to see in the game
- Be able to "ping" locations in Coop-Games/Draw plans on the map

Keep up the good work!

STIENER -> RE: Request\Wish list (11/7/2019 7:38:50 PM)

1] get rid of the linear strat map and bring back the GTC type of strat map.
2] bring back the truly multiplayer game like GTC...IE: you fight the germans like you fight the allies.

Saturnian -> RE: Request\Wish list (11/8/2019 2:09:43 AM)

Panicked soldiers can run away with the machine gun, leaving the rest of the team in the cold. In real life this usually won't happen(why lug the extra weight if you have no intention of using it?). Instead someone in the team would take the gun and keep fighting.

Another issue which has been with Close Combat since the 90s is that a soldier can panic with a gun, and just sit there panicking while the other team members just watch. Like with the above, someone should step-in and seize the initiative.

Also, I'd like to see soldiers rally better. Usually having an officer nearby does nothing to rally soldiers who broke earlier in the battle. I'd like to be able to reform my units during the battle, especially if the battle starts to turn in your favor. Because realistically that would likely be enough in some cases.

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