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spence -> Big B Mod anyone? (10/14/2019 10:17:58 PM)

Would like to play the Big B Mod as Allies
at least until the end of 1943 (sorry to all the suicidal JFBs who can't live without kamikazes {unless they're really a bad player})

For those who don't know the Big B Mod it basically postulates that the Chinese ARE NOT pushovers and declaring war on the US an UK is not the path to victory because of the FORMER stalemate in China. You will have to find victory by fighting the US and UK.

I would propose standard options: Advanced Weather, Realistic R&D, FOW, Non-historic 1st Turn (but see House Rules), 1st Turn Surprise.

For those who don't know the Big B Mod changes the US Torpedo Dud rate to %50 in March 42 as some of the problems with the Mark 14 were fixed by then. It gradually increases over 1943 until it reaches the same as Japanese torpedoes (IIRC 10% duds).

For House Rules I would ask the following subject to negotiation:

No Mersing invasion on turn 1
No non-dot base air or sea invasions
No US carrier hunting on Turn 1
Only Allied TFs already existing can be formed and/or have their orders modified
Restricted units must pay political points to "walk" across land "borders"

John 3rd -> RE: Big B Mod anyone? (10/14/2019 10:27:25 PM)

Good Luck Spence! Excellent Mod choice.

spence -> RE: Big B Mod anyone? (10/15/2019 6:25:00 PM)

Anyone accepting this challenge should be aware that I am perfectly happy to end the game at the end of 1943 so you won't have to endure until "the bitter end" of the campaign scenario. Sorry but I do want to get a couple of fighters befor the end that can compete with those terribly overrated Zeroes.

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