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bink -> Icons Too Small (Tiny!) (10/12/2019 5:34:20 PM)


I just installed this on a Win 10 laptop with 2736x1824 resolution, and which is set in Win 10 Display Settings to the recommended scaling of 200%

How can I make the icons larger? Even on start up, the dialog box to launch the game and choose options is almost unreadable.

Thank you

Tejszd -> RE: Icons Too Small (Tiny!) (10/12/2019 8:21:21 PM)

Unfortunately there is no option for GtC to scale the UI graphic elements or obey the Windows DPI setting.

Matrix has released a patch for LSA adding UI scaling options so it could come to GtC if enough buyers ask; https://www.matrixgames.com/forums/tm.asp?m=4538800

With screen resolutions getting higher and a lot of war gamer's eyesight getting worse as we get older this same patch/work should be done for all Matrix CC releases.

If not users should be warned before they buy the game. Running the 1024x768 (old CC games used 800x600) front end UI graphics on a 4k screen (3840 x 2160) means that only a fraction of the screen is being used and everything is too small.

bink -> RE: Icons Too Small (Tiny!) (10/13/2019 11:54:13 AM)

Hi Tejszd

Thank you for your response. I thought this game was a relatively new release, and that it showed Win 10 as supported?

How about Panthers In The Fog and Carriers At War - I also bought those and am having the same issue with Carriers At War (have not tried Panthers yet, but sounds like no point)?

So is there any setting that will run these games? Prior to your response, I had tried a couple of changes used in other games, such as changing the Compatability settings, but they had no effect.

Thanks again

Tejszd -> RE: Icons Too Small (Tiny!) (10/13/2019 4:24:39 PM)

The Matrix definition of supported just means it installs and runs it seems.

Panthers in the Fog will be the same.

One idea, that you shouldn’t have to do, is to run Windows at a lower resolution and use the video card driver or your monitor to scale to full screen to make everything larger???

bink -> RE: Icons Too Small (Tiny!) (10/13/2019 8:13:04 PM)


Thanks for the suggestion. I tried it, but lowering the resolution to 1024x768 makes the game a lot more laborious to play, since you only see a relatively small section of the map. Hopefully, Matrix can roll out the patch to the other Close Combat titles - or at least warn people when a game is not suitable for certain monitors/resolutions.

bink -> RE: Icons Too Small (Tiny!) (3/12/2021 6:29:40 PM)


Are there any updates on plans to fix this resolution issue? I bought the game but cannot play it due to this scaling issue.

Best regards

SteveMcClaire -> RE: Icons Too Small (Tiny!) (3/15/2021 6:20:34 PM)

This is something on the feature request list for Gateway to Caen but there is currently no planned timeline for an update to the game.

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